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Our Winter 2012 Release is Here! iSqFt 10

Our Winter 2012 Release

The latest features and enhancements to your iSqFt.

iSqFt is continually working to improve our online application, iSqFt 10, and that will never stop. Big or small, we're always planning the next upgrade or fix. This week brings our 2012 Winter Release, a substantial update with several things that will make iSqFt more powerful and easier to use.

Archived Project Search

One of the last things that the original iSqFt platform offered our subcontractors that iSqFt 10 didn't was access to archived projects. Now all anyone has to do is select the Archived Project Search option under the Projects menu and enter a title or project ID.

Available for: Subscribers* who purchase iSqFt Project Leads

Auto Search

Another big change is the addition of Auto Search to iSqFt 10. Okay, so it's been available for a while now as an early beta, but this is kind of its coming out party.

As a reminder, Auto Search automatically searches a user's content for custom keywords and highlights the hits in both his project list and Daily Project Update to help him prioritize his projects most efficiently.

Available for: iSqFt for Manufacturers subscribers, and as an option with iSqFt for Subcontractors.


ITB Bid Intention

The default cover page for an emailed or faxed invitation to bid now includes the option to respond with an intention to bid. This is designed to improve response rates and help general contractors better plan their coverage.

Available for: iSqFt for General Contractors

Remove Recipient from Project

General Contractors have always had the ability to remove people from a transmittal before sending, but now they'll also have the option to remove those same people from the project. It's all about simplifying the workflow.

Available for: iSqFt for General Contractors


Coverage Report Integration (beta)

Participants tab changes, part 1. This is the first of two upgrades, and this one, in beta phase, integrates the Coverage Report view into the Participants tab.

Available for: iSqFt for General Contractors

Custom Fields on Grids

Custom Fields are bits of data (region codes, performance ranks—nearly anything) a general contractor keeps on a subcontractor. This new feature lets a general contractor include their custom data in any grid containing vendor information.

Available for: iSqFt for General Contractors


If you take nothing else away from this, remember that iSqFt 10 is constantly evolving and improving, no matter how small the changes. And that will never stop as we strive to maintain our lead and continue to find new ways to give our customers the tools they need to succeed.

Whenever you're ready, sign in to iSqFt 10.

*iSqFt offers free bid-invitation-only access to subcontractors (users), and a more full-featured version to customers who pay a yearly fee (subscribers).