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Our Winter 2014 Release is Here! iSqFt

Our Winter 2014 Release

The latest features and enhancements to your iSqFt.

iSqFt upgraded its online application with a wide array of enhancements designed to help our subscribers work more efficiently than ever. Below we've included a few of the more significant improvements, with brief overviews that explain how they work and why they matter. But the proof, as they say, is in the application... or something like that.


Project Notes

iSqFt Subscribing Members can now enter notes to projects that are visible ONLY to other users within their company's account. These projects will receive an icon, making it at-a-glance easy to see which contain notes.

Tracked Project Notification

Placing a project into the folder of another user in your company will now send an email notification, alerting him/her to the addition. This makes it easier than ever to stay on top of important projects.

Personal Project Value

Subscribers can now enter Project Values indicating the opportunity value of the project for your company.

  Project Notes   Tracked Project Notification   Personal Project Value  
Summary Calendar

This addition to the Home page displays the projects you care about. Here you can see bid dates of projects that you are tracking, have indicated you will bid, or that match your Auto Search keywords. You'll also see recently received invitations and matching projects.

Project Quoted/Won/Lost

Subscribing iSqFt Members can now mark a project opportunity in one of three ways: Quoted, Won, or Lost. The Opportunity Status can also be used as filter criteria on the Project Listings and as search criteria on Advanced Search, making it easy to find just the projects you're looking for.

Touch Viewer Preference

If the document you pulled up on your tablet doesn't look quite right, you can choose a different document viewer for a better experience.

  Summary Calendar   Project Quoted/Won/Lost   Touch Viewer Preference  
Preview Pane Preferences

The tab that is shown by default in the preview pane of the project listings can now be customized.
You can choose your preferences on the Project Listings page, under the Options menu,
or on the Profile Preferences tab of your profile.

  Preview Pane Preferences  


Print Bidders List

The Bid Management tab of any project now offers the option to print the Bidders List directly to PDF. The option includes a set of the most commonly used columns of information, in a landscape format, making it easy to keep important contacts at your fingertips.

Export Transmission Log

We've made it easy to export the log of transmittals associated with any project, giving you all communications in one convenient CSV.

  Print Bidders List   Export Transmission Log  
Copy Managed Projects

We've added the ability to clone an existing project, providing an easy way to create a template for similar jobs. All information can be ported over to the cloned version, including bidders.

Call Notes Enhancements

To the Call Note screen we've added information about who placed the note and the ability to automatically update the pre-bid standing.

  Managed Projects Copy   Call Notes Enhancements  


Directory Wildcard Search

We've made the Company Search faster by setting the default to be an "exact match." But if you need a bit more flexibility, you can still do wildcard searches as needed.

vCard Export

We've added the ability to export a single contact to a vCard, which can be used in a variety of other applications, from within your Directory.

Public/Private Icons in Company Search

We've added the public/private icons to the company lookup results, making it easy to see which vendors are in your directory and which were added from iSqFt's expanded database.

  Directory Wildcard Search   vCard Export   Public/Private Icons in Company Search  

As always, the chief architects of these improvements are our customers. It's the people who take the time to tell us how we can make their iSqFt experience even better who help us offer the industry's best preconstruction management solution. Thank you.