4 Things We Improved About Our Company Website

On your way here, did you notice anything different? About our website, I mean. Even if you followed a link here (thank you very much), take a look around on this page. Something is definitely different.

We set out to create a website that accomplished several things, but all of them have one thing in common: better explaining how we can help your business succeed. You don’t have to read how we did it, but we think it’s fascinating.

1. Cleaner design
Homepage BannerOnce you arrived at our site, we wanted to make sure things looked nice, so we added splashes of color, more “white space” to give it a cleaner look, and included nice touches like interesting transitions for the “banners” on the homepage.


2. Info to go
Mobile compatibleThe world’s gone mobile, and the construction industry is no different. The time you’re spending on actual computers is shrinking as you spend more time viewing the virtual world through tablets and phones. That’s why we’ve made sure the new site is scalable for any size/resolution screen, so you can see iSqFt (and work) anywhere, on nearly any device.



3. Descriptions in plain English
The commercial construction world is complex. It stands to reason that any company that offers solutions to that world will have complexities of iSqFt Benefits screenshotits own. iSqFt offers solutions to nearly EVERYONE in commercial construction, so that comes with some interesting challenges.

With our new design, all you have to do is tell us what you do by completing the question “Solutions for: ____”  and we’ll show you how we put our years of experience to work creating customized and customizable solutions that meet their individual needs and goals.

We’ve also changed our product and feature descriptions better explain what they do. Instead of catchy product names, you’ll now find helpful (and simple) descriptions like “Manage My Vendors,” “Get More Bid Invitations,” and “Find More Opportunities.”



4. A peek inside
iSqFt has over half a million registered users, but there are still plenty of people out there who haven’t, for onPeek Insidee reason or another, made the call to find out what makes iSqFt so great. Maybe they just need a bit more information.

We’ve included in the new product pages screen captures of the iSqFt application, along with explanatory “bubbles,” so you can see what we offer and, we hope, get intrigued enough to give us a call and let us give you a demo customized to your needs.



The new iSqFt.com is a showroom for products that are constantly evolving and improving based on our customers’ needs and wants. If the new company website demonstrates our commitment to giving your businesses what you need to succeed, then it worked. But if it has made them curious enough to call us, it worked perfectly.

Like the new website? Have a suggestion or question? Tell us about it via email at email@isqft.com or join the conversation on the iSqFt Community.  (Link to iSqFt Community, under “General Discussion.”)