Community Outreach

At iSqFt we are committed to invest the time, resources, and people to help build a better tomorrow in the communities we serve. We give back to our local communities through outreach programs that lead to lasting and sustainable improvement for families and individuals.

Boys Hope Girls Hope

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Cincinnati is iSqFt’s “adopted” charitable organization. It identifies gifted individuals who may be economically disadvantaged and provides a structured, supportive environment to allow them to succeed through elementary, secondary, and higher education. The organization seeks to bring examples of success to families seeking to break the pattern of poverty. Funds raised for BHGH provide support to current participants and create opportunities for more kids. Learn more about Boys Hope Girls Hope.

iSqFt evaluates and directs fund raisers and outreach activities throughout the year. Our employees are involved in many philanthropic organizations throughout the community. We support various organizations that allow anyone to easily find something consistent with their time and talents.

Other organizations that we support include:

iSqFt has established a not-for-profit bank account to manage the funds raised and to allow other businesses within our communities to easily participate in the various community outreach programs.