AGC 2015 Convention – The Highlights

We had a great time at the AGC 2015 Convention and wanted to share our thoughts on the best tips, trends, and advice that was shared at the event. We took a quick look at the Twitter conversations (check out #AGC2015) and shared some of the most inspirational quotes and words of wisdom from the many speakers who presented.

Think we missed something important? Leave a note in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

“Be proactive versus reactive. Lead by doing even if it’s awkward.”
– Heard at the Safety Breakfast

[Tweet “”Vision is not enough without preparation.” #AGC2015″]

“Make sure innovators, not naysayers are in charge of IT.”
– Heard at the Technology Talk

“Address your budget and be sure you secure technology staff who understand and can adopt new technology.”
– Heard at the Technology Talk 

“We’re not that different. We all love construction. We want to build.”
– Heard at TED Talks

“Forget exit interviews. How about stay interviews to keep your employees engaged?”
– Heard at AGC 2015 Convention 

“Recruit next generation employees by having your junior employees write job postings; they speak the same language.”
– Heard at AGC 2015 Convention 



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