Building A Satisfying Career

In a recent blog, iSqFt shared a report that employees in the construction industry rank #1 for employee happiness. Some of the reasons included satisfying relationships with co-workers and a clear career path. It got me to thinking about one key reason they didn’t mention that makes working in the industry so satisfying.

“We built that.”

It’s a bold statement you might hear from those in the industry when they’re speaking with family or friends … or honestly, anyone who may be listening.

These three simple words are an expression of accomplishment that construction employees get from their jobs that just isn’t available in other industries. It’s the satisfaction in being able to point out a source of civic pride, knowing that you played a role in something that will endure for years and provides a lasting legacy.

And it doesn’t end with those who wield the hammers and operate the heavy equipment. It’s not uncommon for anyone in the industry, even those who may have never even set foot on the jobsite, to share their pride in the accomplishment. It’s knowing that even if your involvement was limited to having a hand in constructing the winning bid or making sure the workers on the job got their paychecks each week, you played a role.

Who can blame them? We all want to feel like what we do for a living matters – and what better way than to point to the enormity of a towering glass skyscraper or the beauty of some intricately detailed woodwork or even a smooth, pothole-free open road to get that sense of worth.

There are certainly other careers that are satisfying in their own way, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many where you can walk through town and say “we built that.”

By nature, many humans are driven by some basic innate needs – the need to create and the need to be part of something bigger than themselves. Construction gives us this power to leave a legacy.

Combine it all together and what you have is a satisfying career.


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