How to Win at Social Media at Conference

How to Fail at Social Media at a Conference

People love to talk about social media and it can feel like a lot of work sometimes. In the construction industry, you’ve got a lot of work to do and you’re not looking to monkey around on social media, especially when you’re at a conference.

But did you know that using social media at a conference can magnify your marketing and networking activities?

Here’s to how fail at using social media at a construction conference. And what to do right so you win.

  • Don’t find the conference hashtag on Twitter. Don’t do it. You might find the other people who are tweeting about the event and actually connect with them.
  • Don’t announce where your booth is at the event on your social media accounts. Nobody wants to know where you are. It’s not like people are following your company account or anything.
  • Don’t share set up pictures. People hate seeing behind the scenes. It’s all about being staged on social media.


iSqFt Booth

  • In fact, don’t share pictures of your booth at all. And if you do, they should be blurry.

iSqFt Team

  • Don’t share pictures of your team. Nobody likes seeing real, authentic pictures of the folks who actually work at your company. Putting faces to names is silly and will not help you network.


  • Don’t connect with others at the conference, take pictures, and then tag those companies in your pictures.

iSqFt Greenbuild

  • Don’t use the conference hashtag when you share pictures. That would actually help people find you and connect with you, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid, right?
  • Don’t have fun or get playful on your social media account. Social media is really serious and you should be serious at all times.

iSqFt Social Media

  • Don’t reply to anyone who tags you in your pictures. That would be more connecting and we’re trying to avoid.

Ready to win at social media at a conference? Here’s what you do.

How to Win at Social Media at Conference

What do you think? Do you have any tips for making the most out of social media at a construction conference?

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    • Megan Smale
      Megan Smale says:

      Thanks! We thought it was a fun way to get folks to remember best practices. Having fun on social media in a professional way is always your best bet.

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