Happy Halloween from iSqFt!

While you’re preparing your spooky activities, we wanted to share our own Halloween traditions. So put on your copy of “Monster Mash” and settle in for a fun recap of our frightfully delightful festivities.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

This year we had a pumpkin carving contest. Check out our pumpkins in our front lobby. Pretty creepy, eh?

iSqFt Pumpkin Carving Contest

iSqFt Pumpkin Carving Contest

Our Bootiful Team

Our team got into the fun and got all dressed up in their Halloween finest. At least, we think they dressed up. Check out their costumes below.

Our Spooktacular Haunted House

Every October, our team launches into a furious frenzy to change a spare office into a space worthy of a fright. Check out our spell-binding haunted house now.

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