How Much Does iSqFt Cost?

How Much Does iSqFt Cost?

One of the questions that we get most often is, how much does iSqFt cost? And we understand. Cost is an important factor when you’re running a business.

So I reached out to Lance G. for help. Lance is a Sales Manager on our Subcontractor Sales team. He doesn’t mind chatting with marketing sometimes as long as we offer snacks. (Snacks are big around here.)

I asked Lance straight out, if a customer asks how much iSqFt costs, what do you tell them?

This is what he had to say:

First, I thank them for their interest because our department appreciates the level of engagement our prospects bring when they are inquiring about the benefits of the iSqFt service. Next, if it had not already been discussed, I ask a few quick questions to determine what they need. This is critical because the packages we offer can vary widely depending on one’s needs. Once I obtain this information I present applicable pricing by explaining our custom solutions. If the prospect is trying to decide between two solutions, it is my job to support them with the correct information to make an educated business decision. Ultimately, every prospect is different, and much of what I tell them is specific to their situation, but with the right partnership, this is a quick process.

And therein lies the problem. We do a lot of things. We connect a lot of people. And we work to provide customized solutions to each and every single customer. So what’s the right answer? Unfortunately, we can’t usually tell you without asking you a few questions first.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I owe Lance some snacks.

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    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Since each customer is unique, and we have so many options for our customers, it’s very difficult to provide a set pricing structure. We try and provide many options to our clients in terms of product offering, and because of this, sometimes a “price menu” can be difficult and confusing.

  1. Shane
    Shane says:

    Why did you guys even post this page. Total waste of time for anyone looking to use your product. Cant believe you still you think this is helping your business.

    • Kendall Jones
      Kendall Jones says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Shane. We have a number of products and services we offer. It’s less about the price and more about understanding each company’s needs and matching with the solutions that help them be the most successful.

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    I agree with Muhammud and Shane. Hopefully isqft is aware that people want to be able to price products and services much like we do with your competition who states clearly what they charge. We, the general public, are VERY well versed in navigating these types of sites and will have no problem deciphering your “difficult and confusing” pricing structures. Isqft is making this mystery not worth my time regardless of what your marketing/sales strategy states.

  3. Donavan Mayse
    Donavan Mayse says:

    For a website that provide a very specific service it should not be hard to say hear are the 10 products we provide and this the cost.. it is ridiculous.

  4. Emilio
    Emilio says:

    What is the price range! maybe that would help…regardless of the industry of the type of services you provide

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