How Do You Qualify Construction Leads?

How Do You Qualify Construction Leads?

Another week, another #ConstChat on Twitter. This time, the topic was qualifying leads. (You can check out our last recap here.)

Given Ken Y.’s obvious enthusiasm, I allowed him to once again take the reins of our Twitter account, but I had one big condition: do not mention our product.

Let me back up. You’re on our blog, so you hopefully know who we are. We don’t want to sell to you on social media or act like a spokesperson about our products. So as iSqFt, we tread carefully.

But we do know construction. You know that pride you get when you see a building you helped create? We get that same feeling when you get the work. In short, it’s all about chatting with you and sharing our thoughts on the industry we all love.

With Ken’s mission in place, he took to the chat. And without further ado, because let’s be honest, you’re here for Ken’s words of wisdom, here are Ken’s original chat answers expanded. What can we say? He just can’t be tamed.

Q1. Do you keep track of how you get leads?

Keeping track of sources allow you to evaluate how effective your time is being spent. It does have to be evaluated with how you are nurturing those leads. Entering someone into your CRM does not equal a lead. You have to cultivate relationships and the source of that lead can help determine the best way to accomplish that.

Q2. What’s your best source of leads?

Referrals are always the best source of a lead because you have someone involved in the situation speaking up for you. Having access to project leads through a subscription service is also very effective because you know what is going on and who is involved. I know that sounds biased because I am with iSqFt but I used a service my entire Project Management career. Trade Associations are also very helpful.

Q3. Do you ask questions when someone calls?

I always ask pertinent questions to allow the person I am calling to see that I have shown them and their time respect. Knowing what I am trying to accomplish, having a clear understanding of what I need, and a decisive plan of communication starts a new relationship on the right foot. Qualify people and companies the same way you qualify a project.

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Q4. Are there any deal-breaker answers?

There are always deal breakers. When we lose sight of that, we can get ourselves into trouble. One of the hardest lessons I learned as a young man in construction was to walk away from a deal. Not every opportunity is the right opportunity. Never compromise yourself or overestimate your capabilities.

Q5. Have you set up a referral system for those leads outside of your scope?

There are so many opportunities that I focus on gaining more market share. Market strength generates referrals through the networking tools we developed for our clients. iSqFt is built on networking and referrals are really how everything operates.

Ken concluded by offering these words of advice:

I believe there is enough work for everyone. Focusing on the projects or people that are the right ones for me is the challenge. Not every opportunity is the best for me or my resources. Success lies in my ability to identify those right opportunities, exploiting them, and build new relationships.

What do you think about what Ken had to say? Do you agree with him? Share your thoughts with us below.

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    • Megan Smale
      Megan Smale says:

      Hi Bridget,

      Thank you very much! We appreciate you continuing to host the Construction Chat each week, and bringing such interesting topics to the table.


  1. Janet Lockridge
    Janet Lockridge says:

    Thank you for those words of wisdom. I am transitioning in to Construction Project Management from healthcare facilties management and will build my model based on your advice. I look forward to following your blog to learn more about this exciting industry.

    • Megan Smale
      Megan Smale says:

      Hi Janet,

      We’re so glad that you enjoyed our blog post and that it was helpful. We’re all very passionate about the construction industry here. Good luck in your new career path!


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