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Construction Trends: 2013 and Beyond

As the construction industry continues its recovery, commercial project designers and architects are reinvigorating the design landscape. These trends will give way to a new generation of buildings inspired by not only green building technologies, but designs that reflect nature and flexibility.

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After the Bid: Managing the Client/Vendor Relationship

You’ve done it. You’ve won the bid. But you know that’s far from the end of process, right?

Winning a construction project bid is only the start to a new relationship that could be your next most important professional connection. But how can you ensure that you foster a relationship with a contractor or project owner that will last? Here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years.

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iSqFt for Architects: Simplifying Project & Bid Management

At iSqFt, we’re helping to revolutionize the way design and construction professionals work together. Our construction network uses the latest technology to connect all construction industry professionals, ensuring that the work that needs to be done is not only completed, but done efficiently from the beginning of the process.

We’ve talked about how our services benefit those who are involved mostly in the building phases of construction projects.  But for architects and engineers, our project management tools can be extremely valuable, too. How? Well, we can give you four ways.

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Election Day and the Construction Industry

With just a little over a month before the 2012 Election, many are taking sides on a number of issues they feel passionately about. But we want to say something, too, about our side: This year, vote.

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Customer Spotlight – Solargreen and Daylighting

Have you ever heard of “daylighting”? How about a “tubular daylighting device”? Most people haven’t, but to hear Gary Dvorak from Colorado-based Solargreen talk about it, sliced bread could only dream of being so cool.

What exactly is “daylighting?”

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Green Construction Trends: 3 to Watch

Over the past few years, the green building movement has gone from a relatively small initiative powered by some forward thinkers to a trend that is embraced by a growing majority of contractors, suppliers, project owners, and design professionals. And it’s their buy-in to the green movement that will provide the opportunity for contractors and construction professionals to expand their services to include green building.

But what trends should construction professionals expect in the near future? Here are three that we’re keeping on our radar.

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Fall Prevention on Construction Job Sites

For general contractors, maintaining a safe construction site is a top priority. In 2010, though, more than 10,000 construction workers were injured. Year over year, falls are the leading cause of death on construction sites, representing more than a third of construction-related fatalities.

And while it would be extremely difficult to prevent all injuries and falls on the job site, there are measures everyone involved in the construction process can take to ensure safety.

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The Buildings of the London Olympics

The Olympics has been the most talked-about subject in our office for almost a month. And, of course, the buildings of London’s games have been the focus of a lot of these conversations (we are, after all, enthusiasts of all things construction). Many have seen these impressive structures over the last few weeks, but how much do we know about the buildings themselves?

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