Constructive Insights from the President of iSqFt

Constructive Insights
By Dave Conway, President and CEO, iSqFt

The fall iSqFt newsletter is packed with interesting and relevant information that’s designed to inform, interest, and entertain. In no particular order, you’ll find:

Company Spotlight: Our latest Spotlight gives you an inside look at how new technology and designs can bring in more natural light, in ways you never thought possible. Read this and you’ll be able to wow your friends with your knowledge of “tubular daylighting devices.”

Prequalification: What was once considered to be an unusual and perhaps overly cautious step in the preconstruction process is now increasingly accepted as necessary in this high-stakes game of commercial construction. Be sure to check our latest press release, and our white paper on the subject.

Etc.: From tips to help you use iSqFt 10 more fully to testimonials from iSqFt users to a survey question about your world, this is our chance to make a point or two, and get your thoughts on the important topics of the day, through our monthly poll question, our blog, and even inside our application, iSqFt 10.

Our goal with these newsletters is, as always, to provide you with content you’ll find interesting and useful, and to give you all the latest news about iSqFt and the industry at large. How are we doing?

Dave Conway
President and CEO, iSqFt

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