Creating New Relationships

Over the years, I’ve talked with a number of manufacturers who have been looking to expand, or have already expanded, into new markets, but didn’t have the tools to build and strengthen relationships with distributors or manufacturer reps. Especially these days, that might sound like a high-class problem, but it’s a problem nonetheless. And it’s no coincidence that iSqFt has tools to help you solve that exact issue.

iSqFt for Manufacturers customers going into a new market know they have two things in particular that will help them create new relationships or even strengthen existing ones:

Dave Conway

1. Access to a comprehensive database of projects with detailed information

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that iSqFt can show you where your products are being spec’d and where they’re not. I’ll spare you that pitch. But what you may not know is that we have a tool called Auto Search that shows you at a glance, on a page filled with projects, which ones contain the keywords you look for. Literally at a glance.

2. A simple way to share that information

iSqFt has a tool that lets you send projects, complete with all information and documents, to anyone. This is particularly important when you know you have an advantage. These shared opportunities to build and strengthen relationships while you remain in contact can be at the core of improving your position in a new market.

The power of those two things may not be immediately clear, so allow me to clarify that just a bit.

Imagine moving into a new market, doing just a few minutes of research on iSqFt, and then being able to send a distributor or manufacturer rep detailed information on projects where you know you have a competitive advantage. This lets you work more closely with your in-market partner to increase the chances that you’ll win the business.

That’s powerful, and that’s what iSqFt customers have at their disposal. What do you think you could do with those kinds of tools?


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