My Dad Thinks You Need More Bid Invitations

My father is a wise man and has offered more than his fair share of great advice to me over the years. He may be surprised to know how many of his pearls of wisdom have stuck with me, but one in particular comes to mind more than any other.


By Justin Fields Senior Team Lead, iSqFt for Subcontractors

“I’m really big on options,” he would always say when I found myself at a crossroads that would eliminate choices. I can’t say I always took that great advice, but it often comes back to me when I’m talking with subcontractors.

Every day I hear from people who have too much work. Well, more often than not they don’t have too much work, they have too many projects to look through. Very different, those two things. The last thing these people want is more bid invitations, but it’s my job to explain that they actually should want more, and why.Options Blog Quote

People who are overwhelmed with projects often recognize that it’s a blessing of sorts. But it’s a blessing that solves a problem in the same way that being thirsty and getting thrown into a lake solves a problem. Too much of a good thing quickly becomes a bad thing.

That’s why it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal, tools that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff, the needle from the hay, the … well, you get the idea. If you have those,  options are always a good thing because you’ll have the find the best among them rather than simply taking what you’re given.

The bottom line is this. Maybe you do have enough work, but it’s always better when you know that the work you’re doing is on the jobs you want and that make you the most money.

My dad sure is a smart guy, huh? Now if he could just figure out how to use his computer. …

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  1. Greg Hunsicker
    Greg Hunsicker says:

    Keep listening to your father because very soon he could be young again .an at that time you two may, maybe if you keep treating him as you have you to could be best friends.
    To your future.

    Greg H.
    PS. Like your product

    • Doug Hess
      Doug Hess says:

      Greg, we couldn’t agree more. Great fathers are a precious resource through all stages of life, and Justin’s father clearly offered some helpful advice that’s stuck with him.

      On a more selfish note, we couldn’t be more pleased that you like and use iSqFt. That is literally why we’re here every day, and why we keep working hard to make it the best service in the industry.


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