Jumpstart Project Management

Procore and iSqFt Integration

Move Projects Easily from Bidding to Building


Now that you’ve won the job you want to make sure that it gets started on the right foot.

The estimating team has already spent hours working on the project – ranging from entering basic project information and uploading documents to identifying low bidders on bid day.

This integration between iSqFt and Procore allows you to easily share the key information they’ve gathered with the team that will be building the job, saving them time and driving collaboration.

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From Bidding to Building

iSqFt Procore Integration

Create Projects Efficiently

Share key information in one easy-to- perform step. This allows you to save time and jump right into the project instead of spending time manually entering vendor information and uploading documents.

iSqFt Procore Integration

Drive Consistency

Give your project team the same information every time when they’re getting a project started. This helps set expectations and reduces the chance for errors that can occur with manual data entry.

iSqFt Procore Integration

Simplify Collaboration

Collaboration is critical to successfully move a project from estimating to the field. Give team members access to the same information, streamlining the process and making conversations more productive.

iSqFt Procore Integration

Embrace Integration

When your systems talk to each other you can be more confident that everyone is on the same page. This also helps to reduce the amount of duplicate effort required for everyone to do their job each day.

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