Share Critical Information

Share Critical Information

Connect your entire team with iSqFt’s bid management software throughout the construction process.

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Distribute documents instantly

Distribute Documents Instantly

Give your subs and vendors the convenience of free online access to all project documents and keep everyone informed with the click of a button. Send personalized invitations to bid from your company’s email domain so your vendors recognize your brand instantly.

“We work on about 1,500 estimates/projects a year, in markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. iSqFt makes it easy to communicate about our project partners and the scope of work they do across the company.”

Jared BroghamerMortenson Construction

“iSqFt makes my job easier by providing the information, the documents and the tools I need to put together a full package and easily share that package with our estimators to quote.”

–Frank Soto, Take Offs, Waterman Industries

Provide Access to 3D Models

Through our integration with Assemble Systems, you can instantly incorporate BIM into your bidding process. Share 3D model views that your bidders can access right in their web browser – with the option to include quantity data. The combination of 2D drawings and 3D models will allow your subs to better understand the project resulting in more accurate bids.

Learn more about the integration with Assemble Systems.

Share Project Updates Easily

Share Project Updates Easily

Share addenda, project updates, and information easily with your subs and vendors.

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Secure, Online, Anytime Access

Access your project information from anywhere at any time securely. Host all of your projects in one place and give your subs free, anytime access on any project you choose to share. Additionally, customize your security preferences or include NDAs for specific projects as needed.

Formatted Documents

Get Consistently Formatted Documents

iSqFt has an entire team devoted to indexing your project documents, making it easy for your subs and vendors to find what they need quickly.

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Dedicated Support

The Largest Dedicated Support Team in the Industry

You’ll get unlimited training and support from our team, based right here in Ohio, that is dedicated to ensuring your success.

Take Control, From Bidding to Building

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