Greenbuild: iSqFt’s Booth Had What?

Greenbuild is the largest event of its kind, drawing people from a wide range of professions from all over the globe. If you’re attending, you know that there’s a lot to see and do. If you’re there as an exhibitor, you even more aware of that fact.

Last year, iSqFt had a claw machine filled with Furbies, iPads, and lots of other cool stuff. Crazy? A little. Fun? You bet. Visitors to our booth loved it. A lot.

This year, we knew we had to step up our game. So what’s cooler (and a little crazier) than a claw you move to win prizes? How about a machine you get IN to win prizes. Yes, we had a cash booth. Would people be willing to get in? Would they be willing to get their hair messed up? Short answer: yes. Longer answer: absolutely.

Home sweet home. Our booth had exposure from all four sides.

Our first vict . . . er, contestant!

But there is a method to our madness.

The theme for this year’s event was “What’s Your Time Worth?”

The longer you can stay in, the more you can bring out.

Maybe it’s just us, but iSqFt associate Jodi Graham seems to be having as much fun as the guy grabbing money.