Half a Million People, Connected

500,000 construction professionals now comprise the iSqFt Network
By Dave Conway

iSqFt President and CEO Dave Conway

Recently, iSqFt registered its 500,000th user. The number itself is nice and round, but it’s also significant because it gives iSqFt the largest network of its kind in the industry.

But this isn’t about us. Here’s why this milestone might just matter to you.

General contractors get access to more and better talent, and tools that make it easy to manage the entire process, right up to bid day.

Subcontractors get exposure to more projects, more general contractors, and online tools that make it easy to quickly separate the good projects from the great ones.

Manufacturers get vital information about where they’re spec’d, where they’re not, and (here’s the important part), who to contact to create more opportunities.

But if you dig a bit deeper, there’s so much more.

Once you have that many people plugged into the same network, you now have the opportunity to create more tools, more solutions, and more value. The most obvious and fitting example I can talk about right now is iSqFt’s Prequalification Management application.

Let me start by explaining why the construction industry needed this, and why having a network matters.

Prequalification isn’t a new idea, though it’s becoming more accepted and important every day. Up to this point, there’s been no industry-standard prequalification form or system. The general contractors that did have a prequalification system had a proprietary one, which could be burdensome to subcontractors with relationships with multiple GCs.

But if you provide an industry-standard prequalification system, and put it online, and integrate it with your bid management solution, as iSqFt did, you’ve simplified the entire process. Now general contractors can see at a glance which subcontractors are ready to work, and subs can share and update information with multiple GCs with a few clicks.

It’s these kinds of mutually beneficial solutions we’re always looking for, and they can only exist within a thriving network of connected people.

This is just one example of how iSqFt is using its network to offer new and innovative tools. My promise to you is that more is on the way and that we will never stop looking for new ways to offer our customers value and better ways to work.

That is the power of the iSqFt Network, now 500,000 strong.