iSqFt Recognized as a HOT Product of 2010

Construction Executive

iSqFt Helps Contractors Find Work and Increase Efficiency in Today’s Economy
Network Connects Thousands of Construction Professionals, Assists GCs in Sourcing Vendors, Helps Subs to Find Jobs and Provides a Marketplace for Suppliers and Manufacturers

These are challenging times for businesses nationwide and perhaps no industry has been hit harder than construction.

“In spite of this—or perhaps because of it—iSqFt has continued to grow and thrive,” says Dave Conway, President and CEO of iSqFt. “While others in the industry have lost focus, we’ve remained focused on the goal of helping people find work. The more challenging the financial environment, the more people are concerned with more efficient ways of doing business, and iSqFt has a proven track record in this area.”

The iSqFt network connects tens of thousands of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and building project manufacturers and provides the tools that make it easy to do business with each other.

“What we do,” Conway explains, “is provide access to a network that allows GCs to find the right vendors, helps subs to find the right jobs, and provides suppliers and manufacturers with a place to market and sell their products. That’s an oversimplified version, but at its core, iSqFt is an online network that connects construction professionals in a way that’s much more efficient and cost-effective.”

GCs Take Control of the Preconstruction Process

“iSqFt is designed to help general contractors become more efficient and more competitive as they exercise full control over their preconstruction process,” explains Conway.

Through iSqFt, GCs gain the ability to quickly communicate with bidders, post project plans, specs and addenda and get bids from a wider, more qualified pool of subcontractors and suppliers. A public database of vendors is geared toward helping GCs get not only more bids, but more competitive bids, with the option to prequalify all bidders.

“The Private Construction Office serves as an ideal location for a general contractor to house and manage his vendor database,” says Conway.

“Private vendor databases that are uploaded remain exclusive to that GC. At the same time, the GC gains access to our public vendor database and the opportunity to invite more bidders to supplement coverage on their projects.”

Subs Find More Opportunities

“iSqFt is a breakthrough for subcontractors, too,” says Conway. “It gives subs a powerful tool for finding new work and better opportunities by positioning themselves in front of more general contractors.”
The iSqFt network gives subcontractors the ability to search thousands of publicly bidding projects and easily find those that match their needs and capabilities. The Network also positions subcontractors in front of GCs at the exact moment they are looking for bidders. This allows subs to let general contractors know what type of work they perform and the geographic areas in which they are willing to work. “In this way, a sub can continually expand their business network so that they receive more Invitations to Bid on projects that are meaningful to them,” says Conway, “and the GC can have greater confidence
that those he invites will be receptive to the opportunity.”

“We’re also proud that iSqFt’s growth has resulted in a greener business model,” says Conway. “iSqFt’s network of Internet Plan Rooms and Private Construction Offices have eliminated the need for contractors to drive to physical plan rooms, spared tens of thousands of trees and saved our customers millions of dollars in fuel, packaging, shipping, printing and labor costs.”

“When you can offer people something that makes their lives easier and helps them find work, you’re doing something right,” says Conway. “The rest just falls into place.”