iSqFt Weekly Recap – Week of 1/5 – 1/9

We’re rounding up our favorite construction and business news in our iSqFt Weekly Recap for this week. Check them out now!



Need a little inspiration? These places are beautiful. Check them out here.

Are you a commercial roofing contractor? It might be time to look into solar installations. Discover why here.

Drones are going to impact the urban landscape. Learn why here.

Wear glasses and a hard hat? Your life just got a little easier. Here‘s why.


Building your sales team? Here‘s how to do it right.

You need more than motivation in business. Learn 8 new strategies for 2015 here.

Loving your job is a necessity. Here‘s why.

Not meeting customer expectations is a serious problem. Learn why here.

These New Years resolutions will keep the IRS away. Check them out here.

Here are 12 public speaking habits to avoid at all costs.

Small business permitting is a mess. Here‘s why.


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