iSqFt Weekly Recap

iSqFt Weekly Recap – Week of 2/2 – 2/6

Busy this week? We understand! That’s why we publish our iSqFt Weekly Recap each Friday. These are our favorite news and stories. Dive in and catch up!



Sometimes projects come down to more than cost. We answer what your biggest asset is and where you can make the most money. Check out our blog on how you set yourself apart in the construction industry here.

A recent report suggested that folks in the construction industry are the happiest and we weren’t surprised. We share our thoughts on that report and how it affects how you approach hiring here.


Iowa is using new technology to detect icy roads and suggest speed limits that change depending on the conditions. See more here.

Tess Wittler attended the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas and wrote a great blog post on the subject. Check it out here.

Did you attend the World of Concrete? Tour the iron-heavy Central Hall and demo lot here.

Construction workers are the happiest employees. Pretty cool! Fast Company digs deeper here, and you can check out the report here from TINYpulse.

Retractable roofs are the cool things to do for sports stadiums now. Read more about that here.

Broken down tunnel-boring machine Bertha is nearing rescue. Check out the full story here.


Do you know what your real purpose is? Find it here and see why it matters.

Did you know that your chosen profession has a lot to do with your personality type? Discover more here.

You can form more valuable relationships in your industry. Read how here.

Your work commute is worse than you think. See how bad it really is here.

Do you winterize your business? Read tips on how to do it here.

Are you ruining your construction crew’s productivity? Here are four red flags to watch out for.

You’re preoccupied and it’s giving you symptoms that are comparable to dementia. See what we mean here.

Military leaders have six traits that you should be applying in the business world. Learn what they are here.

Your company should be giving back. Discover four reasons why here.


Was there something this week that we missed? Share it with us in the comments!