iSqFt’s Network Passes the 500k Mark

Cincinnati, OH—Today, iSqFt announced that they now have more than 500,000 registered users in their network, making it the largest network of its kind in the industry.

The company recognizes the significance of passing the milestone, but is choosing to focus on how it will help its customers. “Once you have that many people plugged into the same network, you now have the opportunity to create more tools, more solutions …” iSqFt CEO Dave Conway writes in a blog commemorating the occasion.

machinery equipment construction“You can offer a great solution to general contractors or subcontractors,” said Conway in an interview. “But the real value is when you can offer solutions to generals, subs, manufacturers and nearly anyone else in the industry. Once you have all those people in the same place, actively using the same system, you can begin to find new ways to connect them, and develop new tools that help them work together.”


Conway offers an example with iSqFt’s Prequalification Management solution, the first of its kind.

“[Prequalification] was tricky because there’s no single standard solution in the industry,” Conway says. “But those are the kinds of opportunities we look for, places where we can leverage our Network and make a unique contribution.”

iSqFt Prequalification, Conway explains, gives general contractors and project owners a better and simpler way to manage financial and safety risks with a solution that’s easier to use than the one-off, sometimes home-grown solutions currently being used.

The keys to these solutions, he points out, are in their multilateral benefits. General contractors get an industry-standard prequalification solution, and can access that data in the same screen they use to manage bidders, but subcontractors also get something really important. “Subs can fill out one form and give access to any GC that adopts this system. That helps with compliance, and it makes updating it simple.”

Conway points out that having access to one constituent–no matter how many of them–limits the ability to offer value, since so many of the issues that need resolution involve people serving different roles. “Having 500,000 people–from all over the industry–in our network means we’ll be able to continue to offer solutions that help everyone involved, and keep improving the value we can offer our customers. We’ve got some really exciting things just over the horizon, and none of them would be possible without the network we’ve built. None of them.”

Conway remains tight-lipped about specifics of these upcoming additions, saying only that iSqFt’s 500,000 registered users will know the company has been listening.

About iSqFt

iSqFt is a leading software-as-a-service company, serving the commercial construction industry by offering its subscribers access to a network that connects tens of thousands of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. iSqFt helps its customers thrive by offering the information and tools they need to work more efficiently and profitably.

Founded in 1993 as Construction Software Technologies, Inc., Cincinnati-based iSqFt serves as strategic partner for the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and local AGC chapters. iSqFt is also a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and is committed to the practices of sustainable design and construction.

iSqFt has twice been included in Inc. magazine’s list of fastest growing private companies, and has been named one of the Business Courier’s “Best Places to Work” four consecutive years.

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