Keeping Costs Down: The Importance of the Preconstruction Process

In the construction process, saving time, money, and other resources is something that begins at the beginning. From project ideation to preliminary execution, there are numerous ways project owners and contractors can find these efficiencies to add to the project’s bottom line.

Online vendor selection
Finding the best subcontractors, manufacturers, and suppliers is a job that can take considerable time during the preconstruction process. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to.

Instead, taking advantage of an online vendor selection tool will help you find the most qualified vendors for your projects quickly. Not only will your projects be running more efficiently from the start, but you’ll also know that you’ve got the right team on the job, reducing problems and increasing efficiency.

The sheer number of connections you’ll have for vendors will also ensure healthy competition when it comes to choosing the best one for a given job. It’s that competition in the bidding process will make sure you’ve got subcontractors that are qualified, but also that you’re getting a great deal. These things, taken together, are the things that will assure your project’s success.

Simple project document distribution
Organizing and distributing project documents is often a task that takes a great deal of time for project owners and contractors. Online project management and preconstruction solutions are just one way to keep all your vendors, both current and potential, updated on your project. And when you save this kind of time getting everyone involved in a project up to speed, there’s more time to focus on other critical project tasks in a timely and budget-conscious manner.

As you can see, the benefits you’ll get from a software service such as iSqFt (yep, we do all that stuff) will help ensure your project stays on time, on scope, and on budget. Most of all, the ease of managing the preconstruction process with this kind of planning software will give you confidence in your project and vendors–something more valuable than most know.

And at iSqFt, we’re in the business of giving you this confidence in your project. Just call us at 800-364-2059 or visit us at We hope to start helping you soon.

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