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Issue 14
Fall 2015

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9 Ways Technology Impacts Communication in the Construction Industry

In construction, misunderstandings can result in soured relationships and burned bridges, delays and costly mistakes, or, at the extreme, million-dollar lawsuits and even loss of life. But technology can help us avoid breakdowns in communication. Are you using any of these tools?




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Featured iSqFt Customer: Trav-Ad Signs

With help from iSqFt, industry leader Trav-Ad Signs expanded their services to win a project that brought in close to $300,000. Marketing Director Phillip Chenault says “iSqFt makes my day easier, my phone calls shorter, and my research faster!” Find out how.

BIM in Construction: The Good, the Bad, and the Inevitable

Whether you’ve embraced BIM (Building Information Modeling) or still have your doubts, it’s here to stay. And it’s already changing the construction process. We look at the benefits and challenges of using BIM, with expert advice and real-world examples, in our three part blog. Read the first part of the series now.

The Construction Pro's Guide to Managing Millennials

Baby Boomers are retiring but Millennials (born between 1980ish and 2000ish) aren’t taking their place, and the construction industry is feeling the effects of the shortage. What can you do to create a workplace that attracts younger employees? Learn from these real-life success stories.




Ready to share your thoughts with us?

Over the summer, you told us which new tech you’re most excited about, and the top choice was 3D Printing with BIM close behind. Here’s what else we learned:

  • GCs preferred BIM, with Drones, Wearable Tech, and Smart Concrete tied for 2nd place.
  • BIM and Smart Concrete tied for 1st place with subcontractors.
  • For manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, 3D Printing won by a landslide.
  • Finally, not too surprisingly, BIM won out for architects and engineers.

This time, we’re asking about something related to one of our blogs above, the role technology plays in communication.

We want to know if technology has changed how you communicate with other construction professionals.

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Summer '15 Newsletter Poll Results

There’s a technology boom in construction. Which of these innovations are you most excited about?

47% - 3D Printing, 43% - BIM (Building Information Modeling), 35% - Smart Concrete, 28% - Drones, 28% - Wearable Technology, 18% - Robots / Automated Machines




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All iSqFt users now have access to the Central Prequalification Form. Enter your information once in the ConsensusDocs industry-standard form. Save it securely for future use or print a copy for easy sharing.

When you get a request from a GC, you can copy the common fields to the new form with one click! And if you make a change on the central form, you can choose to automatically update the forms you’ve already submitted.

Start using the Central Prequalification Form now.

Upcoming Events

AGC/CFMA Construction Financial Management Conference

When: Nov 4–6

Where: Las Vegas, NV

IRMI Construction Risk Conference

When: Nov 8–11

Where: Las Vegas, NV

HCAC Construction Management Training

When: Nov 18

Where: Raleigh, NC

2015 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

When: Nov 18–19

Where: Washington, DC

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Responding to an ITB Benefits You

Responding to the bid invitations you receive helps you clean up your project lists, improve project tracking results, and build strong relationships with GCs. Section 5 of our Self-Guided Training will walk you through it.

See how easy it is to respond.


"Without giving away my trade secrets on how I build my company revenue in a free market system, I will say that iSqFt makes my day easier, my phone calls shorter, and my research faster!"

-Phillip Chenault, Trav-Ad Signs
Huntville, AL

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