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Issue 13
Summer 2015

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Man vs. Machine: Robots in the Construction Industry

Since the industrial revolution, man has been benefiting from the power of machines, and since John Henry took on the steam-powered drill, we’ve been wary of that power. Robots are taking over for bricklayers, welders, and demo crews. Is your job on the list?


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• Man vs. Machine

• 2015 Constructech 50

• Managing Millennials

• 5 Challenges in the Industry

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• Spring Poll Results

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iSqFt Named to 2015 Constructech 50 List

We're proud to announce that iSqFt has been named to the 2015 Constructech 50 list, based on the quality and innovation of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. Learn more about the award.

The Construction Pro's Guide to Managing Millennials

What can employers of all sizes do to create a workplace that attracts younger workers? Learn from these real-life success stories.

5 Challenges the Construction Industry Is Facing Right Now

Despite a growing market, many companies are having trouble with issues such as bad cash flow and inadequate manpower. Are you dealing with similar problems?




Ready to share your thoughts with us?

In the spring, we asked about how you use sustainable building practices. While slightly more of you said only if you’re required to, almost as many said all the time. And just as many fell somewhere in between. These results line up with the industry: Most of you aren’t opposed to green construction, but you’re concerned about the costs.

Now for something a little more fun—new hi-tech innovations and gadgets for the jobsite. What’s on your radar? (Pun intended)

There's a technology boom in construction. Which innovations are you most excited about? (Choose all that apply)

Radio Btn BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Radio Btn 3D Printing

Radio Btn Robots / Automated Machines

Radio Btn Drones

Radio Btn Wearable Technology

Radio Btn Smart Concrete

Radio Btn Other

Tell us why...

Spring '15 Newsletter Poll Results

The first LEED-certified project was 15 years ago. How does sustainable building impact your projects?

31% - Only consider if project requirement | 25% - Use sustainable practices on every project | 18% Would use it more if cost weren't an issue | 15% - Take sustainablity into condieration when I can | 12% - Have no idea what sustainable practices are




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Upcoming Events

AGC IT Forum

When: July 30-31

Where: Chicago, IL

Master Builders of Iowa Golf Classic and Smoker

When: Aug 24

Where: West Des Moines, IA

21st Annual Willis Construction Risk Management Conference

When: Sept 16-17

Where: Nashville, TN

Greenbuild 2015

When: Nov 18-19

Where: Washington, D.C.

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"We looked at a few different services, but we chose iSqFt because we liked how it worked, how it was set up and constructed. Also, iSqFt’s subscription plans let us buy access to the areas we were interested in working, so we didn’t over-purchase.

Although we’d been using iSqFt for years to receive invitations to bid, we chose to become subscribers to get access to more projects, and so far it has worked really well. The number of projects we actually bid last month increased by more than five-fold from the months before. And the best part is that, since we chose to add the Auto Search feature, targeted job opportunities come to us.

The second thing I do every morning, after checking my email, is log into iSqFt and see what Auto Search has found based on the keywords I’ve chosen. That’s made a real difference in the way I work, and it’s clearly had an impact on our business."

-Kevin Waldrop, Diversified Woodworking Corp.

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