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General Questions

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Who is iSqFt?

iSqFt is one of the nation’s leading preconstruction software companies, offering its subscribers access to a network that connects tens of thousands of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. iSqFt helps its customers thrive by offering the information and tools they need to work more efficiently and profitably.

Founded in 1993 as Construction Software Technologies, Inc., Cincinnati-based iSqFt serves as strategic partner for the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and local AGC chapters. iSqFt is also a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and is committed to the practices of sustainable design and construction.

iSqFt has twice been included in Inc. magazine’s list of fastest growing private companies, and has been named one of the Business Courier’s “Best Places to Work” three consecutive years.

What is the iSqFt network and how can it benefit my business?

Over 10 years of single-minded focus on our customers, iSqFt has built the largest active online network for commercial construction in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of users across the industry are actively logging in to iSqFt and connecting with one another through this unique platform and sharing project information with the click of a button.

iSqFt offers a number of powerful online bid management products that simplify the preconstruction process for architectsgeneral contractorssubcontractorsmanufacturersdistributors, and suppliers, and makes it easy to streamline communication, drive process efficiency, and increase the number of meaningful business opportunities.

To learn more about what iSqFt can do for your business, call us at 800-364-2059.

How can iSqFt for General Contractors help my business?

An iSqFt subscription offers efficiencies in finding more jobs to bid, managing project documents, communicating with bidders, and determining trade coverage gaps.

iSqFt for General Contractors offers powerful tools for tracking information on the companies and people you do business with, while making it simple to build and manage a list of bidders on each project. We offer the ability to do more, more simply, and in less time. That’s the power of iSqFt.

How can iSqFt for Subcontractors help me bid more jobs?

An iSqFt subscription offers the opportunity to create an online business card that tells general contractors in the iSqFt network — inside and outside your local area — where you work and what you do, and promotes you at the moment they’re soliciting bids. iSqFt subscribers, on average, get four times the number of invitations to bid that non-subscribers do.

You’ll also get access to the construction industry’s most comprehensive database of public content, complete with online plans, specifications, and all the latest addenda. A subscription to iSqFt offers access to the construction industry’s best tools and information and provides a competitive edge that can help you find, bid, and win more work.

How can iSqFt for Manufacturers help me create more sales opportunities?

A subscription to iSqFt offers access — access to information about upcoming projects that specify your products and, perhaps more important, projects that don’t. Each day you’ll receive an email that lists new projects that contain the keywords that you specified, providing new prospects and opportunities. Knowledge is power, and iSqFt plugs you in to the information and tools you need to succeed.

How can iSqFt for Suppliers and Distributors help me create more sales opportunities?

Every day iSqFt subscribers are delivered new projects that match the search terms (keywords) they chose, giving them insight into which projects call for products they sell — and which don’t. iSqFt serves up new opportunities, which saves you time, and helps you do more.

How can iSqFt for Architects and Engineers help me create more opportunities?

Posting your clients’ projects on iSqFt increases visibility of the projects to commercial construction industry professionals. This secure posting maximizes coverage of the projects to reach more contractors and get more competitive bids. For information about posting projects, call us at 800-364-2059, extension 8005.

How can iSqFt for Project Owners help me create more opportunities?

Posting your projects on iSqFt increases visibility of the projects to commercial construction industry professionals. This secure posting maximizes coverage of your projects to reach more contractors and get more competitive bids. For information about posting projects, call us at 800-364-2059, extension 8005.

How is a subscription to iSqFt different from other online services?

iSqFt isn’t the only provider of online bid management tools and information, but we strongly believe that we are the best. Here’s why.

iSqFt has become a leader in the construction industry by providing complete and relevant content about the jobs in every market we serve, with all the latest addenda. iSqFt gives you access to both public and private projects at your fingertips. And, our online tools promote communication among all parties involved in the construction process. Our unique network connects architects to general contractors, and general contractors to subcontractors and suppliers, improving efficiencies and offering significant time savings. There’s nothing like the iSqFt network in the industry!

How can iSqFt Takeoff increase the number of jobs I’m able to estimate and bid?

iSqFt Takeoff is our next-generation digital takeoff program that offers the latest features and technology in a simple-to-use interface. We make it easy to get fast, accurate takeoffs just by clicking on points on the drawing, and eliminate the expense of printing, retrieving, and shipping paper plans. And full integration with iSqFt means getting started is one-click simple. iSqFt Takeoff makes it easy to estimate, bid, and win more jobs.

How do I get a trial for one of iSqFt’s products?

Trials are available by clicking the Try it Today button. Filling out the short trial request form will prompt an iSqFt representative to contact you to assess your needs and get you set up with a trial of the product(s) that best meet your requirements. It’s fast, it’s free, and it could make all the difference.

What type of training is available with my iSqFt subscription?

While iSqFt features an intuitive interface that’s easy to learn, we provide our customers with live online training, conducted by experts who know your iSqFt application inside and out — all free of charge. View our Training page to find schedules for live training sessions. iSqFt is committed to providing you with the information and tools that will enable you to get the most from your subscription and help you succeed.

What types of projects does iSqFt cover?

iSqFt is dedicated to finding all currently bidding commercial construction projects in any market we serve, and offering complete documentation, including all plans, specifications, bidder’s lists, and all the latest addenda. We strive to provide the industry’s best, most complete content for commercial projects large and small, ensuring our customers have the information they need to win more work.

What is the coverage of available public online plan rooms with iSqFt?

iSqFt offers comprehensive project content, including the industry’s most complete plans and specifications, and all the latest addenda. iSqFt offers full coverage and access to all project documentation in most major markets across the U.S., and continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Learn more about the coverage in your area, and give us a call at 800-364-2059.

Are there extra costs for downloading plans and specs?

Absolutely not. Our subscriptions provide full access to all information about jobs in your subscription area, free of any additional charges.

Technical Questions

How do I respond to an invitation to bid from a general contractor?

You may receive an invitation to bid through iSqFt either as an email or via fax.

  • Emails will contain a link that will take you directly to the project. Emails may also include a link that allows you to indicate your intention directly in the email.
  • Both faxed and emailed invitations include an Access Number that you can enter on to be taken directly to the project.

When you’ve arrived at the project, you can review the project documents and indicate your intention to bid in the “Response” tab

I have an Access Number. Where do I enter it?

Either point your browser to and enter your access number in the box or, if you are already logged into iSqFt, enter it in the “Search iSqFt” box in the top right-hand corner of the iSqFt page.

As a subscriber, how do I add users?

Admin users can add a user by clicking the “User Administration” option under the “Administration” menu. Once there, click the “Add a User” button.

  1. Either select an existing user or enter an email address of the user you wish to add, then click the “Ask User to Join” button.
  2. An invitation will be sent to the user’s email address, containing a link for them to join your company, or register on iSqFt if they are new.
  3. Once the user has clicked the link (and completed registration) he/she will have access to project invitations your company has received, and you can allocate seat licenses for any markets your company has purchased.

How do I see only jobs that are within my service area?

Your service area is the list of counties that your company is willing to work. You will be prompted to set up your Service Area as part of the iSqFt registration process. If you need to adjust your service area you can modify it on your profile (“My Profile” under the “Administration” menu).

On the Project Listings page, you will find a section labeled “Location” in the filter panel along the left. Click “My Service Area”, and then click the “Apply Filter” button at the top or bottom of the panel to filter the list to only those projects that match the counties defined on your Profile. Please note that this option is only available to subscribing iSqFt members.

How do I download multiple files at once?

It’s easy. Click the checkboxes next to each document you wish to download, then click the “Download” button on the toolbar above the file list.

How do I print multiple files at once?

If you’re using iSqFt, while in the “Documents” tab of a project, simply click the checkboxes next to each document you wish to print, then select “Batch Print” in the “Print” drop-down box in the toolbar above the file list.

How do I see invitations that were sent to my co-workers?

In iSqFt, invitation projects are automatically shared across all users of your company. This way, even if the invitation was sent to the wrong person at your company, any user of your company can access the project.

However, if the invitation was sent to a person who is not a registered user for your company, you can either add him/her as a user (See question above: “As a subscriber, how do I add users?”) or access the project using the Access Number on the invitation. Simply go to and enter the Access Number sent to your coworker. You will be taken directly to the project.

I cannot see any of my online plan room jobs. What should I do?

If you do not see the plan room jobs, please contact an Account Administrator to ensure you have a seat license applied to your profile. You can find the users of your account who have Administrator role by navigating to the “User Administration” option under the “Administration” menu.

If you need additional assistance, please contact iSqFt Support at 1-888-768-4569.

I selected the "Ask to join a company" on the User Administration page, but no companies are shown. How can I join my company?

The simplest way to join a company in iSqFt is to have an account administrator invite you to join. Here is how he or she can do it:

  1. Select the “User Administration” option under the “Administration” tab
  2. Click the “Add User” button
  3. Select the user(s) you’d like to invite and click the “Ask User to Join” button. If the user isn’t listed, enter that person’s email address and then click the “Ask User to Join” button.

Once your administrator has done this, you will receive an email containing a link to click to confirm the “join company” invitation.

How can I register for an iSqFt account?

Creating an account in iSqFt is quick and easy. Just click here, fill in some information, click the “Create a profile” button, and you’re on your way.

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