How Much Does iSqFt Cost?

How Much Does iSqFt Cost?

One of the questions that we get most often is, how much does iSqFt cost? And we understand. Cost is an important factor when you’re running a business.

So I reached out to Lance G. for help. Lance is a Sales Manager on our Subcontractor Sales team. He doesn’t mind chatting with marketing sometimes as long as we offer snacks. (Snacks are big around here.)

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4 Things We Improved About Our Company Website

On your way here, did you notice anything different? About our website, I mean. Even if you followed a link here (thank you very much), take a look around on this page. Something is definitely different.

We set out to create a website that accomplished several things, but all of them have one thing in common: better explaining how we can help your business succeed. You don’t have to read how we did it, but we think it’s fascinating.

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So You’re an iSqFt Customer … Now What?

Okay, so you’ve made the decision to become part of iSqFt’s network. But now that you’re a member, how can you make the most of it? Much like anything else, the true power of iSqFt lies in how you use it. And we at iSqFt want you to get the most out of our construction management software.

That’s why we offer training opportunities for those both new and seasoned to the iSqFt network. We want you, as our customer, to take advantages of the construction management services we offer. From online training sessions to training videos to one-on-one personal help, you can find training solutions that meet your schedule and your needs.

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More Eyes, Better Talent, Better Results

We, as a company, try to make sure our blog isn’t too self-promotional, too much about us. But every so often there’s something big enough that it crosses the line into relevance beyond being about just iSqFt. This is one of those.

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iSqFt’s Network Passes the 500k Mark

Cincinnati, OH—Today, iSqFt announced that they now have more than 500,000 registered users in their network, making it the largest network of its kind in the industry.

The company recognizes the significance of passing the milestone, but is choosing to focus on how it will help its customers. “Once you have that many people plugged into the same network, you now have the opportunity to create more tools, more solutions …” iSqFt CEO Dave Conway writes in a blog commemorating the occasion.

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iSqFt a Four-Time “Best Places to Work” Finalist

Cincinnati, OH—iSqFt, the country’s leading provider of commercial preconstruction software and services, announced today that it has been named a finalist in the Business Courier’s Greater Cincinnati’s Best Places to Work contest for the fourth consecutive year.

In order to receive this honor, a company’s employees must indicate, among other things, that they trust their leadership and that they feel engaged. This is no small feat under normal circumstances; how has iSqFt managed it four years in a row?

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iSqFt Further Expands Its Network

iSqFt has announced to its subcontractor customers that it has expanded service to include Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; and Frankfurt, Lexington, and Louisville, Kentucky. This expands the company’s penetration in the Midwest region and brings the total number of markets in their network to over 40, including ten metro areas opened in the past year.

What sounds like a fairly simple thing—opening a new market—actually requires several months of research and preparation. “Opening a new market is a massive undertaking for us,” says iSqFt President and CEO Dave Conway. “It means establishing relationships, gathering projects and project documents, and staffing up our support and formatting teams. It’s a pretty big deal.”

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iSqFt 10 Just Keeps Getting Better

We made some big changes to iSqFt 10 last night, including these four upgrades:

1. Hide a Project: Projects can now be hidden on the Project Listings page, making it easier to see only the projects you’re interested in.

2. Mark as Viewed/Unviewed: Projects can now be marked as Viewed or Unviewed by individual users inside a company.

3. Track in Another Folder: Projects that are already being tracked can be tracked in another folder. Just click the star icon and copy it to any user, any folder.

4. Learning Center Icons: Direct links to training videos in the iSqFt Learning Center can be found throughout iSqFt 10, giving our users quick, relevant training just when they need it.