Conversations from the Field Customer Service that Serves the Customer

By Dave Conway, iSqFt’s President and CEO

I called my bank recently, trying to get hold of someone who could answer a pretty simple question. I’m betting I don’t have to tell you that what should by all rights have been a short and simple task turned into a Herculean effort of endurance and patience.

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Why Greenbuild Matters to iSqFt

By Dave Conway, President and CEO, iSqFt

There’s no shortage of tradeshows to attend in any given year, and every company makes decisions about which ones it should attend and which it must attend. Greenbuild, for iSqFt, is a must-attend show for a variety of reasons. Read more

Conversations from the Field: Targeting Success

In talking with people in the industry, I’m always surprised at how different their experiences are. One manufacturer or general contractor will say that they can’t find enough jobs to bid on, that things have all but dried up for them. Another will say he just doesn’t have time to look at all the jobs out there.

While most of the time these comments come from manufacturers or GCs who don’t use iSqFt, I’ll admit that I’ve heard comments like those from iSqFt subscribers too. In those cases, I always ask the same thing: Who’s your direct point of contact at iSqFt?

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Creating New Relationships

Over the years, I’ve talked with a number of manufacturers who have been looking to expand, or have already expanded, into new markets, but didn’t have the tools to build and strengthen relationships with distributors or manufacturer reps. Especially these days, that might sound like a high-class problem, but it’s a problem nonetheless. And it’s no coincidence that iSqFt has tools to help you solve that exact issue.

iSqFt for Manufacturers customers going into a new market know they have two things in particular that will help them create new relationships or even strengthen existing ones:

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Conversations from the Field: Manufacturer in the Middle

By Dave Conway
President and CEO, iSqFt

On a recent visit to talk with some of iSqFt’s customers, I stumbled across one of my very favorite opportunities: I got to talk with someone who knew about our company, had thought about subscribing, but wasn’t yet convinced it would be a good move for his manufacturing business. Read more

Conversations from the Field

By Dave Conway, President and CEO, iSqFt

You may not know my name, but you know my company. I am proud to serve iSqFt as President and CEO, and to serve those of you working in non-residential construction with what I believe is a highly effective combination of information and powerful tools. Thankfully, by and large, our customers agree.

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Constructive Insights from the President of iSqFt

Constructive Insights
By Dave Conway, President and CEO, iSqFt

The fall iSqFt newsletter is packed with interesting and relevant information that’s designed to inform, interest, and entertain. In no particular order, you’ll find:

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