Construction Advice For Entrepreneurs

Construction Advice Courtesy of Ken

Today’s post comes from Ken Y, Training & Development Manager. He shares words of wisdom that every new entrepreneur should read.

As a young man starting my own millwork company, I had all the confidence in the world. I had access to tools that weren’t exactly new, but were capable and dependable. I found a great facility that gave me space to do complicated projects while streamlining the process for production boxes. And perhaps most importantly, I had several talented builders coming to work for me. I had the tools and talent to produce high-end millwork and install it as well as anyone in the industry.

I had a solid business plan and I knew enough people that would feed me consistent work. I got the proper insurance and workman’s comp. coverage, an accountant, and a bank account and I was ready to go. Or so I thought.

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AGC 2015 Convention – The Highlights

We had a great time at the AGC 2015 Convention and wanted to share our thoughts on the best tips, trends, and advice that was shared at the event. We took a quick look at the Twitter conversations (check out #AGC2015) and shared some of the most inspirational quotes and words of wisdom from the many speakers who presented.

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The Untold Truths of Bid Tracking

In today’s post, Ken Y., Training & Development Manager, shares his perspective on bid tracking and why everyone should do it. Read below for a simple approach to make sure you’re asking the right questions and getting valuable answers.

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