Robots in the Construction Industry

Man vs. Machine: Robots in the Construction Industry

Last December, we told you about some new technologies with potentially game-changing applications in the construction industry. Now it’s July, and we can cross off that “potentially,” because the game is already changing rapidly. As it turns out, though, we should have gotten a slightly bigger crystal ball, because we left some of the biggest players off the list…robots in the construction industry.

Since the industrial revolution, man has been benefiting from the power of machines, and since John Henry took on the steam-powered drill, we’ve been wary of that power. Now, with the increasing use of robots—machines that can run without a human operator—are we becoming irrelevant?

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Future Trends in the Construction Industry

Like all industries, the construction industry is seeing rapid advancements in technology, but unlike most industries, the construction industry has relied on age-old techniques for a very long time. Nobody likes change, but I think we all agree that our industry in particular is pretty resistant.

Simply put, we’re on the verge of something big. It’s the kind of shake-up that has the potential to revolutionize the way that people perform their jobs on a daily basis.

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