Technology with a Heart: Hoxworth Blood Center

This year, for the third year in a row, iSqFt is being recognized for its community service and charitable work in an article in the January 2013 edition of Smart Business magazine. We won the prestigious Pillar Award for Community Service in 2011 and 2012, and we’re a finalist again in 2013.

But the real story is the people who turn great ideas in to action. Today’s story is about an iSqFt associate who started a particularly important tradition of giving the most valuable gift of all.

When you get her voicemail instead of Hoxworth Blood Center’s Liz Gantzer, you’ll hear a message telling you that their donors “save lives every day.” It’s a weighty reminder that people rely on their services for their very lives.

“The fact is that a third of the world is physically unable to give blood,” says Gantzer, “and only five percent of that third actually do give. It’s incredibly hard to get the donations to keep up with demand.”

It was iSqFt’s Kelley Konieczko who reached out to Hoxworth back in 2007, asking if they would be interested in coming to their offices for a blood drive. “We’re typically the ones to reach out,” says Gantzer, “so this was different.”

iSqFt sponsors two drives a year, in January and July, which is significant, since January is a particularly hard month for blood donations. “People get busy, they’re just back from the holidays; it’s tough,” says Gantzer. “But Kelley has never asked to move our day or our parking spot [for the Bloodmobile].”

Gantzer notes that those little things make a big difference, since it takes nearly nothing to dissuade people from giving. “You’ve got to make it easy for them. Convenience and reliable scheduling is everything, and Kelley and our regular donors have been stars.”

iSqFt employees generally donate at twice the national average, and Hoxworth typically gets 30-31 pints, or units, of blood per visit.

“I completely understand that giving blood is hard, and harder for some than others,” Gantzer says. “We all get that. But Kelley’s reliability and consistent commitment to making these blood drives a success has made a difference in actual lives.”

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