Advance Products and Systems

“I was brought in to Advance Products & Systems to search for project leads, which involved Google and lots of scrolling. In fact, I’d spend about four hours each day looking for leads and would come away with two or three. That’s when I suggested getting iSqFt.

I’d used iSqFt at a previous job and found it to be incredibly useful in helping me find interesting projects, and I now know that it’s gotten even better than it was then.

The Advanced Search feature, for instance, makes it incredibly easy to find what I’m looking for in just minutes. Now, instead of finding two or three projects in four hours, I typically find five projects in about 30 minutes, which has allowed me to take on additional responsibilities.

My company pays me by the hour. Giving me iSqFt has increased my productivity exponentially, and allowed me to help keep the company busy and profitable. And that is why I recommend iSqFt.”

Jo Ann Delaware
Advance Products and Systems