Stallings and Sons, Inc.

“I’d say the main thing we’ve gotten from iSqFt is time. We used to fax invitations and project documents, but iSqFt has made sending invitations [to bid] to subcontractors and suppliers so much easier. iSqFt has saved us almost an entire full-time position, so it has paid for itself just on that basis.

One of the things that’s a little harder to quantify is the jobs we got just because we have iSqFt, but I’m confident we’ve won two jobs we wouldn’t have gotten without it. In this incredibly competitive environment, that makes all the difference.

As for the iSqFt application itself, it’s just great. Very easy to use, very intuitive. That’s partly because it’s well designed, but also because the training and support has been excellent. Whenever I had a question, Evan was always Jonny-on-the-spot, helping work through any questions or problems.

General contractors aren’t in the habit of helping each other out–things have never been more competitive–but I’d tell any contractor that iSqFt works. It has made a real and positive difference in the way Stallings and Sons does business.”

Jeff Stallings
Stallings and Sons, Inc.