Western Excelsior

“Let me start by saying that as a direct result of using iSqFt, I’ve been able to get my company’s products specified on 10-15 jobs over the last few months. Those were jobs we would never have known about in time to affect, and would have had no chance of winning without iSqFt. Information is power and iSqFt gives me a serious competitive edge.

For years I used a competitor’s product, but they just didn’t offer everything I needed to do my job at the level I wanted to do it. They didn’t offer the detailed information–architect and engineer contacts, project details and documents, etc.–and didn’t offer the tools I’ve found to be so effective on iSqFt.

Auto Search, which shows you which keywords matched a project; the Bidders List that lets you see all bidders in one place; the project filters and Advanced Keyword search that make it much easier to filter out the noise and find the projects I’m looking for—these are the kinds of features that allow me to work not just more efficiently, but more effectively too.

I’ve been doing technical sales for over 30 years and I can tell you without a doubt that iSqFt is the most powerful business tool of its kind that I’ve used, and it’s made a significant difference for Western Excelsior.”

Lee Pierce
Western Excelsior