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“iSqFt has clearly made a difference for us, and these days every project we look at, bid on, and work comes from iSqFt.”

Matt GieseGiese Companies

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“One of the most useful features of the software is the ability to send a bid response with a click. I’ve found this to be an important step in the process, and one that has helped my relationships with general contractors. iSqFt makes doing that simple.

Overall, I use iSqFt because it gives me the tools I need to do my job, and makes it easy.”

Jim MosesSouthern Air, Inc.

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91% of projects include uploaded docs, giving you the information you need to find and bid the right jobs.

Bid windows of 3+ weeks, on average, thanks to up-to-date addenda and project updates.

Easy online access to lists of bidding GCs, helping you connect, bid, and win.

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Get a shortlist of meaningful, relevant projects via email every day, based on your trades, area, and even keywords you’ve chosen.

Collaborate with coworkers and everyone involved on a project, and share jobs with just a few clicks.

Unlimited training and support from our Ohio-based team helps ensure your success.

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