Bid More Effectively

Bid More Effectively

Bid management has never been easier. With our general contractor software you’ll be able to streamline your vendor selection, project sharing, and document distribution efforts to win more projects.

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Personalize Bid Invitations

Personalize Your Invitations to Bid

Instantly let subcontractors and vendors know that bid invitations are from you. Stand out with personalized messages that include your company’s logo and send invitations directly from your email domain. Learn more about how to enhance your brand with iSqFt.

“iSqFt helps us communicate quickly with our subs when we need to.”

–Carl Hardy, VP Retail Construction at Tri-North Builders

Send Bid Invitations

Send Bid Invitations Faster

Create lists of your favorite subcontractors and frequent bidders – send an invitation to bid (ITB) to anyone in your private database instantly.

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Track all bidder activity

Track All Bidder Activity

See all of your bidders’ activity. Easily see which bidders have viewed and downloaded every plan, spec, or addenda document. Make notes each time you call a bidder and share updates with your team along the way.

“iSqFt helps us build our reputation with our clients. When an owner requests minority or local bidders for a job, we can search using those specific criteria. And we track ITBs and responses to show the client we made every effort to meet the requirements.”

Melissa LewisHayco Construction

Prioritize Your Bid Day

Anticipate any issues before bid day. Know who your active bidders are and determine the need to find additional bidders.

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Find, Bid, Win

Find Work. Bid Work. Win Work.

Our platform doesn’t just offer a powerful bid management software; we combine it with an industry-leading source for finding new project leads, including publicly and privately bidding work.

Build your business

Build Your Business

Use iSqFt’s superior database of private and public planning phase projects to network with owners and architects prior to projects going out for bid.

Digital Takeoffs

Perform Digital Takeoffs

iSqFt Takeoff is next-generation digital takeoff software that features easy navigation and a clean user interface. Learn more about performing digital takeoffs.

Take Control, From Bidding to Building

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