Construction Folks Love Their Jobs (But Don't Hand Me a Hammer)

Construction Folks Love Their Jobs (But Don’t Hand Me a Hammer)

I have a confession: I’m not from this industry originally. I’m what you’d call a non-native, an interloper. Every time I’ve had a conversation with a customer, I’ve had to ask a million questions. Oh, sure, I know iSqFt inside and out, and I know the basics. You can hand me a hammer and I may or may not hit myself on the hand with it (you didn’t hear that, OSHA). But I’m still new, even after all of these months.

To put it bluntly, there’s a lot of information that I just don’t know and that I need to ask about.

The biggest thing that’s struck me is the comradery and the willingness to share that information. Every time I’ve asked questions, folks have been willing to teach me this industry. There’s a depth of passion that I’ve never encountered anywhere else.

So it doesn’t surprise me that when TINYpulse shared their recent 2015 Best Industry Ranking Report, employees in the Construction & Facilities Services had the highest happiness levels. Construction folks just plain love their jobs.

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The manufacturing industry was at the bottom of the list and TINYpulse does some work in the report to tease out the reasons why. Construction continues rebound while manufacturing isn’t enjoying that same boom right now, and the culture in construction is unique because it’s so friendly and group-oriented. You bond with your team in construction.

This brings to me another big concern right now: hiring. I’m working with our awesome HR team on a blog about hiring and creating a strong company culture that you’ll see soon, but the TINYpulse study highlights several factors that drove happiness in the construction field. Employees named their team, their projects, their work environment, and their personal growth as their top factors.

What does this tell me if you’re trying to hire a strong team? Point this out! Construction isn’t a touchy-feely industry (I know, you guys keep telling me this), but highlighting your people and your work is a great way to attract top talent.

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So what should you take away from this? You’re in a great industry. Construction is a unique field that’s growing and to encourage growth in your team, you only need to play up the factors that are already likely present like a sense of teamwork and positive growth.

What do you think? Would you hand me a hammer? Are you trying to hire folks?


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  1. Mike Lintro
    Mike Lintro says:

    I agree that construction people love their jobs. My dad has worked in construction for most of my life, and he still enjoys it. But I can tell you that construction is not for me. I would rather build things on a computer, than on a building. But, I do know that it is important to select a quality builder. That is something that my dad taught me.

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Agree – quality is key. Doing research up front and speaking with experts in the industry is always important. Thanks Mike for sharing your insights!

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