Business Automation…What’s the Benefit to General Contractors?

Anyone in the construction industry knows that in recent years, the US construction market has suffered. Within this rebounding industry, construction companies, now more than ever, must run lean operations and maximize their resources strategically.

And one of the most precious resources a general contractor has is time. Increased requirements have made the construction bidding process even more complex. In addition, the number of companies bidding for the same projects has increased dramatically, driving the price of construction down. To stay competitive, contractors must try to streamline their bidding processes as much as possible, which is where automation can play a valuable role.

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Construction Project Leads: Both Quantity and Quality Matter

For subcontractors, project leads are king. And being the best may not be enough to keep you ahead of your competition. In this economy, you need to be proactive. If you want to boost your construction business, you must answer this question: How can I not only find more construction project leads, but better project leads?

Finding more leads is relatively simple.  There is no shortage of bid management services that promise you access to project leads.  With more jobs to choose from, you have the luxury of being more selective in your work, choosing to only bid on the jobs that are right for you. But having a large quantity of leads is only half the equation.

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Trending Projects on iSqFt, Bidding in May

Through iSqFt, contractors can find a comprehensive database of leads for bidding commercial construction projects throughout the contiguous 48 United States. iSqFt offers the most comprehensive project listing in the industry with an online plan room database of hundreds of upcoming projects in your area.

Below are some of the most popular upcoming projects receiving attention from iSqFt subscribers.

Project Name, Location, and Bid Date for popular projects on iSqFt, bidding in May:

  • New Women’s YWCA Emergency Shelter; Cincinnati, OH; 5/31/2012
  • Ft. McCLellan Army National Guard Readiness Center Phase II; Montgomery, AL; 5/31/2012
  • Webster Middle School Addition & Renovations; Oklahoma City, OK; 5/22/2012
  • Bay Leaf Volunteer Fire Dept. Headquarters; Raleigh, NC; 5/17/2012
  • MAX/BRT Concrete Guideway Project; Fort Collins, CO; 5/18/2012
  • Cedar Rapids Transit Bus Garage; Cedar Rapids, IA; 5/16/2012
  • C.A.T.E. Addition & Renovations for South Garland High School; Garland, TX; 5/17/2012
  • Hiram Elementary School Replacement; Hiram, GA; 5/15/2012
  • Texas Southern University Bid Package 2; Houston, TX; 5/17/2012
  • JUMP Bid Package 3 Below Grade Parking Garage; Boise, ID; 5/15/2012
  • New G.W. Carver Primary School; Gonzales, LA; 5/15/2012
  • 12 Temf Complex – Fort Leonard Wood; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; 5/24/2012
  • Addition & Alterations to the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital; Chattanooga, TN; 5/17/2012
  • Drumlin Dining Hall Remodeling for UW-Whitewater; Whitewater, WI; 5/15/2012
  • City Of Marlow Office Building Renovation; Marlow, OK; 5/22/2012
  • Shirkey Assisted Living Facility Demolition & Rebuilding; Richmond, MO; 5/23/2012

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Advanced Green Architecture Wants to Talk to You About Your Naked Roof

Jeremiah Johnson, from Advanced Green Architecture, is clearly passionate about green roofs.

“There are so many benefits,” Johnson said. “Did you know they can make roof membranes last several times longer than if they were exposed to the elements? There are roofs over in Europe–where green roofing really came from–that are 100 years old and still going strong.” The words often tumble out of him as though a dam has finally burst.

But more and more builders, architects, and companies who occupy buildings are starting to feel what Jeremiah is feeling, with good reason.

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iSqFt: Giving You the Edge in Construction Project Bidding

At iSqFt, we know how time-consuming, overwhelming, and inefficient the preconstruction process can be. Now more than ever, commercial construction is about maximizing efficiency and minimizing wasted time. As a company, we want our customers to gain a competitive edge in the preconstruction and construction project bidding markets by finding these efficiencies and capitalizing on them. It is our passion and purpose as a company.

That’s why we created the iSqFt network.

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Thanks, Colorado, for a Great GC Connections Event!

November 11, 2011 – With over 315 attending companies and over 20 local GCs in attendance, our latest GC Connections event, in Colorado, was a huge success. The feedback we received during the event and since reveals hundreds of new connections, scores of new project opportunities for local vendors.

To learn more about the iSqFt Difference and how we can help your company thrive, call us today at 800-364-2059.