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My Dad Thinks You Need More Bid Invitations

My father is a wise man and has offered more than his fair share of great advice to me over the years. He may be surprised to know how many of his pearls of wisdom have stuck with me, but one in particular comes to mind more than any other.

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Building Bridges with GCs

Sometimes it feels like this business is just about price and winning the bid just comes down to the number. Make no mistake, price matters, and everyone is under more pressure than ever to keep costs down. But if you look closely at the seemingly solid wall of the construction business, you’ll see some expansion joints—places where there is still some flexibility and room to grow.

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Conversations from the Field Customer Service that Serves the Customer

By Dave Conway, iSqFt’s President and CEO

I called my bank recently, trying to get hold of someone who could answer a pretty simple question. I’m betting I don’t have to tell you that what should by all rights have been a short and simple task turned into a Herculean effort of endurance and patience.

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4 Steps to Grow Your Business via Social Media, Pt. 2

Welcome to part 2 of iSqFt’s blog “microseries” that attempts to explain why your business should be involved in social media, and how to get started. (If you haven’t read part I yet, you might want to start there.) In this finale, we’re going to explore:

  1. Networking and joining the conversation
  2. Using #hashtags to engage in your business’ passion
  3. Branding—sharing your vision with others
  4. Cost—valuing the unquantifiable

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4 Steps to Grow Your Business via Social Media, Pt. 1

I think it’s the name that throws people. I mean, “social” media[1] sure doesn’t sound like work, and the commercial construction industry is all about work. But what if you called it “virtual networking”?

The point is that while social media certainly started as a way to stay up to date with friends and family, it didn’t take long for people to realize that the principles of networking extend beyond sharing cat pictures and flirting. Far beyond.

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4 Things We Improved About Our Company Website

On your way here, did you notice anything different? About our website, I mean. Even if you followed a link here (thank you very much), take a look around on this page. Something is definitely different.

We set out to create a website that accomplished several things, but all of them have one thing in common: better explaining how we can help your business succeed. You don’t have to read how we did it, but we think it’s fascinating.

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More Eyes, Better Talent, Better Results

We, as a company, try to make sure our blog isn’t too self-promotional, too much about us. But every so often there’s something big enough that it crosses the line into relevance beyond being about just iSqFt. This is one of those.

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L&W Supply: An iSqFt User Case Study

If you’ve ever had to buy drywall, or gypsum wallboard, you probably know who L&W Supply is. To use their own words, they are “The nation’s largest distributor of gypsum wallboard and building materials,” which actually understates their influence. And in most places in the U.S. you wouldn’t have to go far to buy from one of their many, many branches. Read more

A More Collaborative Construction Process

By Henry Purdy, Vice President of Product Management, iSqFt

Given the traditionally slim profit margins and high financial risks in commercial construction, it’s no surprise that people in the industry are always looking for new ways to manage the construction process. Read more