ConsensusDocs and iSqFt: Making Things Easier for You … Again

You know us. We’re always trying to add a little more efficiency to your processes. One of our latest developments does just that. And, believe us, it saves you a lot of paperwork.

We’re talking about iSqFt’s partnership with ConsensusDocs. Using this unique-to-market program, we’re offering online access to industry-standard documents that make ordering, prequalification, and multiple contract forms a one-and-done process.

Take, for example, subcontractors, who often are asked to fill out the same prequalification forms from scratch over, and over, and over, and–well, you get the picture. Now, subcontractors can simply fill out the ConsensusDocs form once, and use it across multiple projects and multiple GCs.

Not only does a prequalification process like iSqFt’s save subcontractors time filling out duplicate work, it also benefits general contractors by helping distribute and collect all these documents quickly and easily during the bid management process. Talk about efficiency.

This integration with ConsensusDocs is just another way we make the pre-construction process a little more dynamic and a lot more manageable. For our subcontractor subscribers, it’s now as simple as filling out a ConsensusDocs form once, and sharing it securely with general contractors in our system. Coupled with the other ways we’ve improved the prequalification and pre-construction process, iSqFt is an all-around great way to save you time, hassle, and, perhaps best of all, paperwork.

Are you interested in learning more about iSqFt’s new prequalification system? Give us a call at 800-364-2059800-364-2059 or visit us online at

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