Conversations from the Field: Targeting Success

In talking with people in the industry, I’m always surprised at how different their experiences are. One manufacturer or general contractor will say that they can’t find enough jobs to bid on, that things have all but dried up for them. Another will say he just doesn’t have time to look at all the jobs out there.

While most of the time these comments come from manufacturers or GCs who don’t use iSqFt, I’ll admit that I’ve heard comments like those from iSqFt subscribers too. In those cases, I always ask the same thing: Who’s your direct point of contact at iSqFt?

Every manufacturer, every general contractor account has an assigned Account Manager. Manufacturer clients have Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and GCs have Implementation Managers, but they all serve the same purpose: making sure you know how to use iSqFt to the fullest and that you get the most from your iSqFt subscription.

I started this by saying that some people will tell me that they don’t have enough jobs and that others have more than they can use. I’m going to use manufacturers as an example of how iSqFt’s CSMs can help.

Problem 1: Not enough projects
Part of the problem may be that we haven’t yet found the right keywords, but it could also be that your keywords are too “tight.” That is, they’re too specific and they’re not finding exact matches to exact terminology. The fix for this is pretty simple, and your CSM can help you with this.

But just as likely is that your searches are too focused on a single category or handful of categories. I can’t count the number of times someone has told me that he focuses his attention on a particular kind of project, be it education, healthcare, industrial, etc.

I understand that mentality. It comes from years of experience and knowing that they’re most likely to find a vein of relevant work in that kind of project. But if you trust the iSqFt system, and get keywords that work, you’ll be shocked to find out where else you’ll find projects that are right up your alley.

Longer term, I’ll ask you to look into our Design Team Report. Each month you have the option to receive this document, which shows you where you’re specified, where you’re not, and even includes contact information for people who can influence specs going forward. This is a great example of planting seeds and building your business for tomorrow.



Problem 2: Too many projects
I’ve never had anyone tell me that they had too many projects that were a great fit for their company. Never. They always mean–even if they don’t say it–that they have too many projects and no way to find out which ones are a perfect fit for what they do. I have two solutions for this:

1. Keywords, keywords, keywords. I can’t possibly overstress the importance of having the right words. These are the words and phrases that locate competing products or brands, or your products in the right categories and divisions. Find the right recipe and you’ll have the luxury of being selective.

2. The right tools for the job. iSqFt gives you the ability to sort by most of the columns in the Project List, including which keyword strings matched, and filters to help you find the right projects by date, type, phase, status, project value, class, and category. Use those and you can find wheat in the chaff pretty easily.

iSqFt offers real-world solutions for businesses facing real-world problems. That’s why we make sure you’ve got an actual person to help you find the solutions that work for you, and tools that help you find your path to success every day. It’s an important part of the customer experience, and one we take very seriously.


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