Integrate 3D BIM Models

Assemble and iSqFt Integration

Driving 3D Bid Managment

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Share BIM with your bidders

In addition to sharing standard plans and specs, general contractors can now utilize an integration between iSqFt and Assemble Systems to provide bidders with access to 3D models.

This integration allows the BIM team within a general contractor’s office to designate which model views are available for the estimating team to share with bidders – and makes sharing these models simple.

Estimate and Bid Accurately

Increase visibility to allow quick review and clarification to address cost and schedule issues that can negatively impact bids

Share Model Views with Subs

No technical expertise or BIM software access is required to view models

Communicate Scope in 3D

Enable side-by-side comparison of 2D and 3D project views using a standard web browser

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