Hill & Wilkinson: Integrity, Simplicity, and iSqFt

Anyone working commercial construction in Texas probably knows the name Hill & Wilkinson. They’re a $300 million general contracting company that’s diverse enough to take on nearly any project, but they don’t seem to have lost sight of the fact that construction projects begin and end with people.

“This is a company that’s really dedicated to the highest level of integrity,” says Brandy Story, Estimating Coordinator for Hill & Wilkinson. “I know that’s the kind of thing everyone says about their company, but we practice it at every level.” When asked to provide a little more detail, she scarcely hesitates before offering up that they work hard with project owners to make sure they get the finished product they want, at the established budget. “But we also work hard for our subcontractors to make sure the entire project goes smoothly. That’s good for everyone.”

A big part of making sure the whole project goes smoothly starts at the beginning, with the bidding process, and that’s where iSqFt comes in.

Hill and Wilkinson_quote“The nice thing about iSqFt is that it puts everything we need in one place,” says Story. “Once the project is created, iSqFt is our online workspace. We can upload all the project documents, and all addenda, very easily, and then give access to all subs we invite. It’s just … easy.”

In addition to all the tools iSqFt provides–tools that let Hill & Wilkinson invite bidders, track bidder activity and response, follow up, send addenda, and create “call notes” that everyone on the project can see–iSqFt also provides the bidders themselves.

“We’ve been at this since 1968, so we’ve got a pretty complete list of subs in our private database,” says Story. “But if there’s a new or unusual trade, or if we’re working in a new market, being able to access iSqFt’s huge database of subs, which includes subs that do nearly anything you can imagine, makes getting coverage on the project simple.”

When Story talks about iSqFt’s advantages, she speaks from experience. “We actually left iSqFt for another service a while back, but ended up rethinking that decision. The navigation of the iSqFt site is so easy, and it’s flexible enough to let me do exactly what I need, and they give me the training and support I need. Going back to iSqFt was an easy decision.”

So what kinds of challenges are Hill & Wilkinson facing these days? Story thinks for a moment, and then says, “One of our biggest challenges is maintaining our strong relationships and open communications with subcontractors as our volume continues to grow and technology moves our business at a faster pace. iSqFt is a platform that fosters that open communication. We can easily share information with our subcontractor partners and they can keep us informed as to status and whether they are able to bid a specific project.”

iSqFt works with over 1,400 general contractors across the U.S., and connects them to hundreds of thousands of subcontractors, providing them the tools they need to share project information, communicate, and work more efficiently.

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