iSqFt Weekly Recap

iSqFt Weekly Recap – Week of 1/26 – 1/30

Happy Friday! We know some of you might still be digging out from the snowstorm that hit the East coast, so we’re sending thoughts of sunshine your way and asking you to be safe. We don’t need any construction popsicles out there. In all seriousness, take care of yourselves and your families.

Okay, on to the iSqFt Weekly Recap!



Did you attend the AHR Expo in Chicago this week? We did too! Our Product Manager Perry shares his thoughts here.

What’s your biggest concern for this? Vote in our iSqFt Winter Newsletter poll here.


The Atlanta Falcons are getting a new Stadium and the design is pretty fascinating. Check it out here.

Ohio has a new Veterans Memorial and we’re loving the architecture. See it here.

Good news! 80% of construction firms are planning to hire in 2015 according to the AGC. The full report is here.

How effective are streetcars for everyday commuters? Check out a great investigation here.

London is getting a “Can of Ham” skyscraper. See the details here.

Los Angeles needs a plan for long-term drought. Read more here.

These are the fastest growing cities in America. Check them out here.

America needs more focus on industry in conjunction with technology and information-based jobs. Check out the fascinating article here.

Ready to refocus in 2015? Here are 3 strong goals for your construction business.


Do you know the best workplaces in manufacturing and production? Read the entire list here.

Ready to have a more cost-effective business model? Ready 3 smart tips here.

If you’re trying to be more authentic, you might just be conforming even more. See why here.

Starting a business takes more than passion. Check out what else you need here.


Was there something this week that we missed? Share it with us in the comments!