iSqFt Weekly Recap

iSqFt Weekly Recap – Week of 2/9 – 2/13

Happy Friday! We’re looking ahead to Valentine’s Day tomorrow (confession: our first love is construction), but until then, we’re sharing our iSqFt Weekly Recap.



Looking to hire someone to build out your construction team? We shared our construction hiring best practices here.


Caterpillar just unveiled their new F2 Series backhoes. See more here.

Is the bus terminal dead? Maybe. Discover more on the subject here.

It’s not easy being a woman in architecture.  Read the interviews here.

It’s not just you – your gas mileage really does get worse in the winter. Here‘s why.

The penguins are the Detroit Zoo are getting a new ice mansion. Check it out here.

Seattle workers are still struggling to rescue tunneling machine Bertha. See the entire story here.


Customer loyalty is a big deal. Here‘s how to keep them loyal for forever.

Are you breaking the law without even knowing it? Read the top 10 ways businesses accidentally break the law here.

Do you need a frenemy at work? Read the full story here.


Was there something this week that we missed? Share it with us in the comments!