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Issue 12
Spring 2015


Green Edition

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The Grass is Greener, But What About the Concrete?

With Earth Day and Arbor Day last week, it’s been pretty easy being green, so we put on our rose-colored glasses to come up with four ways the construction industry helps the environment every day. Pat yourself on the back!

Welcome to the “green” edition of our newsletter!


In This Issue


• Grass is Greener

• Hiring Best Practices

• Folks Love Their Jobs

• Set Yourself Apart


• Spring Poll

• Winter Poll Results


• Product Release Info

• Upcoming Events

• Connect With Us

• Product Tip



Construction Hiring Best Practices

The construction industry is hiring, but it’s tough to find qualified workers and even harder to recruit them to work for you. Are you looking for candidates?

Construction Folks Love Their Jobs

It’s not surprising that construction employees are some of the happiest—the nature of the job encourages teamwork and bonding. Do you look forward to going to work?

How Do You Set Yourself Apart in the Construction Industry?

Many companies may do what you do but they cannot be you. And sometimes who you are matters more than what you cost. Do you have an identity crisis?




Ready to share your thoughts with us?

In January, over 25% of you were ramping up for the nicer weather, focused on finding work and hiring new employees. Over half were still feeling the effects of a slower economy, including 32% who were worried about finding opposed to the 10% with too much work (not exactly the worst problem to have!).

Now that spring has definitely sprung, we're curious about your thoughts on green construction.

The first LEED-certified project was 15 years ago. How does sustainable building impact your projects today?

Radio Btn I use sustainable construction practices on every project

Radio Btn I take sustainable practices into consideration and use them when I can

Radio Btn I would use sustainable construction more if costs weren't an issue

Radio Btn I only consider sustainability if it’s a project requirement

Radio Btn I have no idea what sustainable construction practices are

Tell us why...

Winter '15 Newsletter Poll Results

It's 2015! What's your biggest concern this year?




You asked... and we listened!

We are constantly improving our products to help you work as efficiently as possible. Be on the lookout for several features created in response to user requests:

View Related Projects
You told us you were having trouble keeping track of multiple of versions of a project. So now when you visit a project, we'll alert you to any related projects you have access to. A quick click of a link will show you all the available versions. View an example of the alert.

Search by Funding Type
Previously, the only way to identify privately-funded projects was in the project title. Now that information is stored in the new Funding Type field instead, adding power to the Advanced Search tool. Some older projects will still include the PRIVATE tag in the title, but all projects will be searchable by the new field. Learn how to search by funding type.

Share Advanced Search
Stop spending valuable time recreating a search. Now you can click the Link this Search button to share a link to your search criteria with other iSqFt subscribers. They can view the results, edit the criteria, and even save the search to use again in the future. Just keep in mind that only the criteria are shared, so the recipients may see different results based on the projects they have access to.

Planning - Negotiated
If you have access to Planning News, you can now filter by the Planning – Negotiated Phase to identify projects that have already been awarded to a single general contractor.

Upcoming Events

Austin AGC Spring Golf Tournament

When: May 11

Where: Austin, TX

2015 AIA National Convention

When: May 14-16

Where: Atlanta, GA

2015 San Antonio AGC Fun Shoot and Mixer

When: May 15

Where: San Antonio, TX

2015 AGC Georgia Annual Convention

When: June 7-10

Where: Amelia Island, FL

AGC Alabama 2015 Convention

When: June 18-21

Where: Destin, FL

Connect With Us

We’re sharing updates on the construction industry, snapshots from events we attend, and information that you need to know. Get to know iSqFt a little better and stay informed by connecting with us today.

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Product Tip

Funding Type

Did you know that Advanced Search allows you to search for projects by funding type (public vs. private)? Planning News subscribers can combine that option with the new Planning – Negotiated Phase to identify Private Negotiated projects, which are often more profitable.


Customer Case Study: Pavement Markings Northwest

You know those roads you drive on every day, and the lines you (try to) stay between? Pavement Markings Northwest (PMNW) paints them, with the help of iSqFt.

PMNW uses iSqFt to keep track of location-specific requirements, to collaborate with manufacturers, to find relevant projects, and to share information internally.

"[iSqFt] helps us even out the business and work more efficiently."

The company recently upgraded their subscription to include iSqFt Auto Search, which is saving them multiple steps and valuable time when they search for projects...Find out how

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