6 Ways to Level the Construction Bidding Playing Field

Level the Consteuction Bidding Playing Field

The bidding process can feel one-sided. You submit something. You never hear back. The construction bid goes into a black hole of project management and construction runaround.

We hear a lot of feedback from our subcontractors about what to do, most recently from J.W. Denney at Binswanger Glass.

Here are six things you can do to level the bidding playing field.

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How Technology Impacts Communication in Construction

9 Ways Technology Impacts Communication in Construction

Misunderstandings between contractors can result in soured relationships and burned bridges, delays and costly mistakes, or, at the extreme, million-dollar lawsuits and even loss of life. So we benefit from any tool that helps avoid these breakdowns in communication.

Here Are Nine Construction Processes

They live and die by the speed and accuracy of information, and a look at the ways technology has changed communication in construction.

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Communication Technology in Construction

iSqFt Poll: Communication Technology in Construction

Over the summer, we asked you which new tech you’re most excited about (scroll down for the results). In the fall quarterly newsletter, we’re asking about something related to one of our recent blogs, the role of communication technology in construction.

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A project rarely finishes better than it starts! - Barry Eady

4 Ways GCs and Subcontractors Can Improve Communication

We’ve heard some great feedback on our recent blog posts “6 Ways to Level the Bidding Playing Field” and “Building Bridges with GCs.”

Barry Eady is a Senior Estimator with BL Harbert International, one of our general contractors, and he wrote to us to share four ways GCs and subcontractors can improve communication.

Here’s what he had to say:

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Building Bridges with GCs

Sometimes it feels like this business is just about price and winning the bid just comes down to the number. Make no mistake, price matters, and everyone is under more pressure than ever to keep costs down. But if you look closely at the seemingly solid wall of the construction business, you’ll see some expansion joints—places where there is still some flexibility and room to grow.

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