Diversified Woodworking Corp.

“Diversified Woodworking has been in business since 1988, and for most of that time we’ve been really fortunate to have as much work as we could handle. But like so many construction companies these days, that’s changed and we needed to find a solution.

We looked at a few different services, but we chose iSqFt because we liked how it worked, how it was set up and constructed. Also, iSqFt’s subscription plans let us buy access to the areas we were interested in working, so we didn’t over-purchase.

Although we’d been using iSqFt for years to receive invitations to bid, we chose to become subscribers to get access to more projects, and so far it has worked really well. The number of projects we actually bid last month increased by more than five-fold from the months before. And the best part is that, since we chose to add Auto Search feature, targeted job opportunities come to us.

The second thing I do every morning, after checking my email, is log into iSqFt and see what Auto Search has found based on the keywords I’ve chosen. That’s made a real difference in the way I work, and it’s clearly had an impact on our business.”

Kevin Waldrop
Diversified Woodworking Corp.