System Requirements for "iSquareFoot" Usage

Working with iSqFt efficiently depends upon several factors: the computer hardware, the Windows operating system, the web browser and the internet connection speed. This page will help you to understand these factors and to verify that your computer is capable of accessing to its fullest extent.

Computer Hardware
We recommend a computer with at least a 300mhz Pentium II processor, 32 MB of RAM, 5 GB disk drive, and a 17" monitor. In general the higher the processor speed and the more RAM available the faster the iSqFt web pages will display. We 'send' the project listings to your computer which must build the page to display. Adding memory is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that will have dramatic improvements on your PC's performance. For maximum benefit we suggest at least 128 MB of RAM be installed. Memory prices are currently about $40 for a 128 MB module.

Increasing the monitor size will allow you to view more of the project details, plans and specs on-screen. Our suggested monitor size is 17", with 19" being the optimal size. Your screen resolution must be at least 800x600, with 1024x768 being recommended. This will maximize the viewing area nicely on a 17" monitor. You can check your current screen resolution by going to the"Control Panel->DisplayApplet->Settings Tab".

Operating System
Today, will run on all versions of Microsoft Windows 95 and later. Microsoft has dropped all support for Windows 95, and we can not guarantee that iSqFt will continue to work with Windows 95 in the future. We can only provide technical support on Windows 95 on a best effort basis. We strongly suggest upgrading to at least Windows 98, preferably to Windows 2000 or Windows XP. To find out more about the available versions of Microsoft Windows and the hardware requirements of each, go to

To ensure that you have the latest Windows updates installed on your computer, go to the Microsoft Windows Update site. This site will connect you to Microsoft and determine which updates your computer requires. Microsoft suggests that users install all critical and security related updates. Click here to check for updates now:

Web Browser
To provide our subscribers with the best possible business level application, the iSqFt web site only supports the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. We do not support Netscape or any other browser type. Microsoft has discontinued support for all versions of Internet Explorer earlier than IE 5.5 and we suggest that you update to the latest version 6.0. Click here to run the IE 6.0 setup program: IE Setup

More information on Microsoft Internet Explorer may be found here :

Internet Connection Speed
While was designed to allow subscribers to work using a dial-up modem, increasing your connection speed will have the single greatest impact on your ability to use the site. There are two main high-speed methods of accessing the internet: DSL and Cable modem. Generally, one of the two will be available in your area.
A good source for information on high-speed internet connectivity can be found at

DSL is a service provided by your local Telephone Company. There is an excellent resource at DSL Reports that can assist you in determining if DSL service is available in your area. Simply enter your zip code in the Broadband Availability box and click 'Go'.

To check BellSouth for DSL availability click here: Bellsouth DSL
EarthLink is a national provider of DSL services. Click here to check availability: Earthlink DSL

Cable Modem
Cable Modem access is a service provided by your local cable TV provider. The Road Runner Home Page will assist you in determining if cable service is available in your area. Call your local cable provider for details.

Other Items of Importance
Here are some other items that will help to improve your iSqFt experience.

When you come to, our Web server sends a cookie to your computer. A cookie is simply an electronically transmitted file that holds small pieces of information. When you navigate through our Web site, your browser "requests" pages for you to view, and that request will include the information stored in the cookie we previously sent to your computer. This process is like an electronic "handshake" between our web site and your browser; the information exchanged allows us to recognize your browser. This is how we recall saved searches and remember your last visited plan room, among other things.

Cookies do not identify your personal information, only your browser. We are very careful about the security and confidentiality of the information we send through persistent cookies. We do not, however, store account numbers or passwords in persistent cookies.

Email and Fax
Email and fax are the primary method's that iSqFt uses to communicate with our subscribers. You will receive an occasional email or fax from us regarding new features, system maintenance times, and other important announcements. It is very important that you enter and keep up-to-date your email address and fax number in your iSqFt profile page.

Additionally, General Contractor to subcontractor/supplier communications such as Invite to Bid notices, project update postings, and addenda updates are all done via email and fax.

iSqFt utilizes two levels of security on our site: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Data Encryption to provide the highest commercially available security. Secure Socket Layer is a method of sending private documents through the Internet by using a private key to encrypt the information. Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, you must have access to a secret key or password that enables you to decrypt it.

Corporate Firewalls / Proxy Servers
Many companies have internal private networks called firewalls that restrict connections to external secure web sites. If you are unable to connect to secure web sites, please consult your system administrator for assistance. In addition, some corporations and ISP's use 'proxy' servers that 'cache', or temporarily store, web pages to provide faster service. If you are connected to the Internet through a proxy server, the web pages you see may not contain the most recent data. Proxy servers may also cause sporadic connection problems.

XML 4.0
Microsoft has updated the XML component of Windows to version 4.0. This is a required install in order to view project listing on iSqFt.

Windows ME, 95, 98 Users Click here to download the required Microsoft Installer Update prior to installing the XML Update. (1.2 MB)
Select 'Run From This Location' when prompted.

Windows NT, 2000, XP Users Click here to download the required Microsoft Installer Update prior to installing the XML Update. (1.3MB)
Select 'Run From This Location' when prompted.

Click here to download the Microsoft XML 4.0 Update. (4.5MB)
Select 'Run From This Location' when prompted. This may require you to re-boot your computer.

Microsoft has updated a component of the Windows Operating System called the 'Microsoft Data Access Component'. This is a key component required to use iSqFt and may be installed by clicking here: Install MDAC

Speed Test
To test the speed of your current Internet Connection click here: Internet Speedtest

Maximizing IE
Internet Explorer can be 'maximized' on-screen to allow the largest viewable area available by hitting the F11 key. Hitting F11 a second time returns IE to the normal size.

Getting Started
We have added a 'Getting Started' page which will assist you in installing the iSqFt Viewers, other required software, and will provide you with a tutorial on searching for projects. Click here to get started: Getting Started
    "The products provided by iSqFt have helped us to revolutionize the way we estimate and quote. The process of viewing specs, plans and addenda have helped us streamline our quoting process. The iSqFt Toolbox software allows us to be not only efficient but also provides us the ability to eliminate the tedious process of hand takeoffs."

Mike K. Long
Chief Operating Officer
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